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Trolley Episode 2: The Accident | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 2: The Accident | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 2 recap: An unexpected visitor shows up at Hye-joo’s home. Rep. Nam Joong-do attempts to divert the public’s attention from his family.

The death of a son due to drug use, and the use of authority to search for a runaway daughter, have become major problems that have pressured Rep. Nam Joong-do to resign. His situation is currently not good, as the general election is approaching.

Trolley Episode 2

Soo-bin (Jong Soo-bin) takes the pregnancy test and hospital blood test results as evidence to confirm that she is truly pregnant. Hye-joo just sits quietly and listens, but she stuns again when the young girl asks to stay at their house afterwards. Because she has no father, mother, or anyone to rely on.

Trolley Episode 2 Kdrama Recap

Joong-do returns home drunk. Hye-joo tells him the story of Soo-bin and tries to persuade him to allow the girl to stay. At first, he refuses to let the girl stay here, but Hye-joo tries to make him understand, “She is like me when I was new here, alone, without money, without a father or mother, and when I was pregnant, I was around the same age as her. The difference is that I had you back then.”

The next morning, reporters follow and surround the house, asking for an interview about the case involving Rep. Nam Joong-do’s son and drugs, and his use of authority to have the police search for his runaway daughter. However, he avoids answering their questions.

Later, an elderly woman who has just lost her granddaughter to suicide after being bullied and filmed by her boyfriend, a medical student. She comes out and angrily confronts the reporters who are giving her harsh news. Rep. Nam Joong-do, moved by her admiration for him, comes to her defense.

When Rep. Nam Joong-do sees the elderly woman’s video confronting the reporters who have become viral on the internet. He comes up with a plan to divert the public’s attention and the news attack away from himself. This strategy is referred to as spinning the news.

Trolley Episode 2: Screenshots

Rep. Nam Joong-do appears on a tv show and admits to his son’s involvement with drugs and the use of his influence to have the police search for his runaway daughter. He apologizes and says that he acted wrongly because he panicked when his daughter had been missing.

After that, Rep. Nam Joong-do also urges the public to pay attention to the case of online sexual assault involving the elderly woman’s granddaughter, promising to strengthen laws to provide harsher punishment for the perpetrators. He finishes by attacking the medical student who released the video, saying that he will pursue legal action.

Trolley Episode 2: The Accident | Kdrama Recap

The backlash shifted from Rep. Nam Joong-do to the medical student. And soon after, the police continued to investigate and issue arrest warrants. The student jumped to his death from his dormitory, leaving a note behind that read…

“Murderer Nam Joong-do.”

Image via SBS Korea
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