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Trolley Episode 3: The Blame | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 3: The Blame | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 3 recap: Hye-joo attempts to get closer to Soo-bin. Meanwhile, Nam Joong-do deals with the public and personal aftermath of his political actions.

Hye-joo takes care of Soo-bin like a member of the family, getting her food to eat and taking her to the book repair shop so she won’t feel lonely being alone.

The suicide of a medical student, who was targeted by Rep. Nam Joong-do in a live broadcast tv show, accused of being a cold-blooded killer who killed a young boy, the general opinion in social media is that the young boy deserved to die and praise Rep. Nam Joong-do as a rare and good politician who upholds justice.

But the person who knows best is Rep. Nam Joong-do, because his hidden intention is to make the public forget about his embarrassing news, in order to increase his popularity in politics. Because it’s not long until the general election. Even though he doesn’t think the matter will escalate to the point where the young boy will consider suicide… But that’s exactly what happened. In politics, it doesn’t matter what the truth is. It’s enough if a lot of people believe it!

Rep. Nam Joong-do feels terrible about the death of the boy. He asks his assistant to cancel all remaining schedules and go find Hye-joo. The first thing he tells his wife is, “I regret it too much, someone died because of me…” His tears won’t stop. The only person he shows weakness to is his wife, “…I made the parents lose their child.”

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