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Trolley Episode 4: The Visit | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 4: The Visit | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 4 recap: As Soo-bin spends more time at Joong-do’s house, she’s given a warning. Hye-joo’s past begins catching up to her.

Woo-jae (Kim Moo-yeol), an assistant to Rep. Nam Joong-do, unexpectedly meets Soo-bin. He calls her up and talks to her in the car. He speaks harshly to her, accusing her of being a prostitute. And saying that the child she is carrying may not be Rep. Nam Joong-do’s Grandchild. He also tells her to be quiet if she wants to stay at home, saying “if you want to stay at home, then stay quietly like a dead person, or if it’s better for you, just die for real.”

Soo-bin looks down upon and her eyes fill with tears. She quickly opens the car door and gets out. The harsh words that she never thought she would hear from the mouth of an assistant to a member of the National Assembly, are too much for even a young, worldly woman like her to bear.

Currently, Rep. Nam Joong-do’s team is investigating a case of illegal land speculation by the wife’s younger sister of a politician. who used insider information to buy land at a low price before a government project caused the land value to skyrocket by three times. The wife’s younger sister of a politician also seems to have a sketchy past involving her son, who has been gone.

Hye-joo sees a news report about an investigation into illegal land speculation by her husband. She hears the name of the perpetrator and realizes that it is someone she is familiar with. She goes online to search for more information and shocks when she sees the name.

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