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Trolley Episode 5: Confrontation | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 5: Confrontation | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 5 recap: An unexpected encounter at her home leaves Hye-joo feeling distressed. Meanwhile, the flashbacks were returned.

While Seung-hee (Ryu Hyun-kyung) was following the news that her mother was being accused of illegally profiting from land, she saw Hye-joo on TV. She immediately remembered Hye-joo. The next day, Seung-hee took the intercity bus to Seoul and knocked on Hye-joo’s door.

Hye-joo shocks! She never expected to see someone she didn’t expect to see, a beloved friend from high school and the first thing she heard from Seung-hee’s mouth was “Murderer!”

However, Soo-bin walked out. Hye-joo then asked Seung-hee to meet the next day.

That day, Hye-joo was feeling distressed. What was Hye-joo’s past that made her shake, her lips tremble, and her tears flow continuously, even though the incident happened more than twenty years ago.

The next morning, Seung-hee called and asked Hye-joo to come back to their hometown of Yongsan. Hye-joo agreed without hesitation.

Hye-joo got in the car and opened the GPS to guide her to Yongsan. Meanwhile, the flashbacks of the incident when she was still in high school returned. At that time, Hye-joo and Seung-hee were both classmates and friends. Seung-ho, Seung-hee’s older brother, chased Hye-joo and harassed her, going to her house and waiting for her. Until that night, Hye-joo refused him without hesitation and he hurt her out of anger.

Hye-joo was injured in her knee and all over her body. She went to Seung-ho’s mother to ask him to apologize. His mother came in and begged her not to report the case. At first, Hye Joo agreed. But while walking home, Seung-ho told her “Don’t be mistaken. It’s not like I actually liked you. If you needed money, you should have just said so. You pathetic orphan.”

What Hye-joo wanted was an apology and acceptance of wrongdoing, but she received the opposite. She then reported the case, which resulted in Seung-ho choosing to end his own life by hanging himself… and that was the turning point of everything.

Seung-hee confronted Hye-joo at school and accused her of being a “murderer !” However, Seung-ho’s death made Hye-joo feel guilty and she chose to run away and leave her past behind.

Hye-joo arrived at the meeting place with Seung-hee, but the person she least expected to see was there. Rep. Nam Joong-do, her husband!

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