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Trolley Episode 6: Pain | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 6: Pain | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 6 recap: Seung-hee uses her leverage to make things right for her mother. Joong-do asks Woo-jae to investigate Hye-joo’s past.

Seung-hee, her husband, Rep. Nam Joong-do, and Hye Joo have dinner together… During that time, Rep. Nam Joong-do is surprised to learn that both Seung-hee and her husband are former classmates of Hye-joo. It’s a mental battle that Seung-hee plays with Hye-joo, a mental battle that almost drives Hye-joo crazy. But he has to keep his feelings to himself so that her husband doesn’t know.

After dinner, Seung-hee and Hye Joo have a private conversation in the bathroom. “My family is falling apart because of you, but you are living a happy life. It’s not fair. Do you understand?” Then, Seung-hee tells Hye-joo to come to her house again tomorrow to ask her mother’s forgiveness for lying and causing harm by accusing Seung-ho of sexually assaulting and causing his death.

Hye-joo can’t speak and just stands there in silence because she knows that Seung-hee has the wrong understanding.

A flash back twenty years ago… before Seung-ho decided to end his life, he told Seung-hee that Hye-joo falsely accused him. After the funeral, Seung-hee’s mother also told her that Hye-joo falsely accused Seung-ho because she wanted money to go to college. When both people in the family speak the same thing, Seung-hee believes it and has believed it for the past twenty years.

In the morning, Rep. Nam Joong-do orders his assistant, Woo-jae, to investigate Hye-joo’s past. He suspects that there is something that his wife wants to keep secret. The previous night, he saw several abnormal things, especially the relationship between Hye-joo and Seung-hee. Additionally, they don’t seem to like each other’s faces.

Hye-joo goes to Seung-hee’s house for their appointment. But in the meantime, the sound of someone pounding on the door becomes louder and louder. When both of them go to the computer screen to see who it is. They are shocked to see that it is Rep. Nam Joong-do in a fit of rage. “Seung-hee, open the door now!”

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