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Trolley Episode 8: The Right Thing To Do | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 8: The Right Thing To Do | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 8 recap: Ki-young asks Hye-joo for an uncomfortable favor, leaving her feeling conflicted. Hye-joo later confronts Joong-do about his TV appearance…

Ki Tae Young in Trolley Episode 8

At one coffee shop… Ki-young (Ki Tae-young) meets with Hye-joo. He wants her to apologize to Seung-hee and her mother, so that the situation can be resolved… Ki-young tells Hye-joo that he believes she is telling the truth. But regardless, he still wants her to apologize, because it will at least help alleviate the feelings of the family who lost their son.

Ki-young speaks sincerely and honestly, earnestly pleading with Hye-joo.

Meanwhile, the grandma of the girl whose video was leaked and who attempted suicide is seeking to kill herself. Rep. Nam Joong-do uses his original plan, to create a good image for himself by using the family of the young medical student as a support for the emotions of the people of the internet.

Trolley Episode 8

On that day, he went on a live TV show on the same channel. He brought up the story of the girl’s grandma who became a victim and spoke about it, in order to create a trend of anger and direct it towards the family of the medical student, and that’s what he wanted.

Rep. Nam Joong-do said to his assistant “In the internet world, if we throw one person as a sacrifice, the people of the internet will follow and won’t stop.”

But the person who saw the way that Rep. Nam Joong-do created the scandalous image and disapproved of it was Hye-joo. She did not want her husband to use this issue as a political tool. And she did not want him to take grief of the parents who lost their so tur into political gain. The parents did not do anything wrong. “I don’t want you to use this more than you already have.”

Rep. Nam Joong-do is refusing to give in. He wants to propose a law that would ensure the prosecution of sexual offenders even if they had died. He tells his wife that in the future there must be more retribution. Because retribution will lead to pressure and result in changes in laws.

Rep. Nam Joong-do is saying that he is trying to protect people. He also says that if this law had existed before, his wife, Hye-joo, would not have had to suffer for the last 20 years. He said it’s unavoidable and willing to sacrifice something small for it.

Trolley Episode 8 Recap

Hye-joo enters Rep. Nam Joong-do’s office to look for something and finds his hidden phone in a drawer. She remembers that the night of the incident, her husband had told her that the police had not found Jee-hoon’s phone. She unlocks the phone and sees the message inside it and shocks and the phone slips out of her hand.

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