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The Glory Part 1 Episode 1: Revenge | Kdrama Recap

The Glory Episode 1 Recap: Revenge – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 1 recap: Tormented by her high school classmates and with nowhere to turn for help, Moon Dong-eun sinks into despair before deciding on a new mission in life.

Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) is currently using a gun stapler to shoot pictures cut out from a magazine of a woman onto the wall. The picture is of weather forecaster Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon). Dong-eun is wearing a black tank top and facing the wall, revealing burn marks all over her body. She stands there for a moment before Yeon-jin walks into the room.

Song Hye Kyo in The Glory Episode 1

Yeon-jin can’t remember who Dong-eun is. Dong-eun points the gun stapler at Yeon-jin’s face and shoots. Yeon-jin falls to the ground and blood is splattered all over her face. Dong-eun speaks with an intense look of resentment in her eyes, “Before I kill you, at least remember me.”

Yeon-jin is a person who is full of arrogance. She sneers at Dong-eun because she always believed that power and money she has’ are so much that no one can touch her.

Dong-eun smiles victoriously, “You don’t know how I got to this point. I’ll have to tell you my story.”

In the Summer… 2004

Dong-eun was in high school. Her mother does not care about her daughter at all, not even a bit.

At school, there was a group of bullies led by Yeon-jin who came from wealthy families. Dong-eun, being from a poor background, became the target of Yeon-jin’s group. It wasn’t just verbal bullying, but also physical abuse. One day, Dong-eun reported the bullying to the police, but the result was that the teachers sided with the bullies.

The Glory Part 1 Episode 1

The police did not take any action, the teachers didn’t care about Dong-eun, and her mother was preoccupied with entertaining men. So Dong-eun became an even more vulnerable target for Yeon-jin, and the bullying became even more severe than before.

On that day, at the school gym, Yeon-jin ordered her friends to grab Dong-eun and tie her up, then used a heated hair straightener to burn her arms. Dong-eun screamed and begged for help, but it seemed like her cries were falling on deaf ears. Yeon-jin sneered and said, “No one will protect you Dong-eun, not the police, not the school, not even your mother. You’re just a social outcast.” Dong-eun cried out in pain from the burns on her arms.

Day after day, Dong-eun has been increasingly subjected to severe violence, causing physical injuries all over his body, in addition to emotional trauma that will never be forgotten. Eventually, she decided to leave the school.

After Dong-eun decided to leave the future behind by leaving the school to escape the violence, she could only lower her head and work in a restaurant day after day. Even though her physical wounds would heal, they still ached. One night, Dong-eun, with both physical and menstrual pain, almost exploded her stomach. That night, she stood by the Han River, considering ending her own life. She thought that the coolness of the river might alleviate some of her pain, even if it was only for a few moments.

In fact, Dong-eun went to the Han River that night and made her think of something, something that she calls REVENGE. Dong-eun began to have a dream, a dream in which Yoon-jin was in it. The dream where she would wait for Yoon-jin to reach the peak of her life. And when that day comes, she will make Yoon-jin’s life fall apart.

From this moment on, Dong-eun’s life will be driven by the power of revenge. During that time, Dong-eun worked hard and graduated from high school. And in 2009, Dong-eun entered college as she had planned.

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