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The Glory Part 1 Episode 2: A life with hell as the destination.

The Glory Episode 2 Recap: A Life With Hell as the Destination

The Glory Episode 2 recap: Dong-eun’s revenge rolls out according to plan. Meanwhile, a fateful encounter at a hospital takes place.


Dong-eun started following the life of nemeses she used Facebook and Instagram, which were becoming popular at the time. She found out that Yeon-jin was getting married but was still secretly seeing Jae-jun, a member of the group she liked. Jae-jun was the owner of a golf course and a brand named Siesta.

Meanwhile, Myeong-o just lives life casually, as a lackey of Jae-jun. In the field of Sa-ra, she becomes a full-time artist, but she likes to use Myeong-o to find “weed” for regular entertainment. And the last person, Hye-jeong, is an air hostess who is infatuated with the luxury brand name.

Dong-eun took on a job as a private tutor for high school students. That evening, on her way back from the private tutoring session, Dong-eun collapsed and was taken to the emergency room of the hospital. While she was lying on a bed next to the bed of Yeo-jeong (played by Yoon Do-hyun) a medical intern at that hospital, when she regained consciousness, she immediately removed the IV and left the emergency room. Now, when the doctor in charge of her fever returned and found that Dong Eun had left without treatment. Yeo-jeong looks at Dong-eun’s medical record, which reveals that she’s anemic.

Yeo-jeong asked the nurse for information and found out that Dong-eun was a college student. He then followed her to give her the prescription. And he explained that the medication for her anemia must be taken for six months continuously. After that, Yeo-jeong offers to teach Dong-eun how to play GO. As soon as he taught her how to play well, she immediately broke off the relationship with him. In fact, playing GO was part of her plan for revenge!


Dong-eun passed her licensure exam and became a licensed teacher. Which was the same time Yeon-jin became a mother.

In the summer of 2021

Do-young, the wealthy husband of Yeon-jin and owner of a real estate business, surprises her with a pair of green brand-name sneakers for her birthday. Yeon-jin’s face is filled with happiness and contentment. Meanwhile, Dong-eun is collecting documents from trash cans to uncover various stories and it seems like she may have stumbled upon some important information.


Dong-eun came to the Siesta brand shoe store, just as Myeong-o was walking in. At first glance, he recognized Dong-eun immediately. He went over to greet her and Dong-eun told him that she was currently a primary school teacher and she was just here to try on expensive brand shoes. Myeong-o acted like the owner of the store and offered to give her the expensive shoes for free, and invited her to have a coffee in the VIP room.

Dong-eun knows that Myeong-o is just pretending to be the owner. And that he is still a suck-up to Jae-jun, just like in high school. Dong-eun then tells Myeong-o to stop pretending and being a suck-up “I thought you’d understand wanting to destroy them.”

Later on, one night, while Dong-eun was secretly stealing trash from Yeon-jin’s house. She was caught by the housekeeper, who found out that she had been stealing trash for the past six months. Dong-eun tried to offer money as a solution, but the housekeeper refused and made an offer instead.

“I don’t know why you’re stealing this trash, but I’ll help you and you’ll help me in return…” The housekeeper looked at Dong-eun with a worried look before continuing, “…by helping me kill my husband!” !!?

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