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The Glory Part 1 Episode 3: From Now on | Kdrama Recap

The Glory Episode 3 Recap: From Now on – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 3 recap: After securing the services of an amateur sleuth, Dong-eun uncovers scandalous secrets that she leverages for the next phase of her scheme.

Dong-eun goes to the house of the housekeeper. Dong-eun sees that the housekeeper is being brutally beaten by her husband, and her daughter holds a knife in her hand to prevent her mother from being harmed. After that, Dong-eun walks out with her head down.

Dong-eun agrees to work together with the housekeeper. During that time, Dong-eun also helped the housekeeper to study and pass the driving test. After that, Dong-eun teaches the housekeeper how to take pictures using a digital camera and gives her a personal car to use.

The Housekeeper works as a detective for Dong-eun and follows Yeon-Jin to the eye clinic where Ye-sol is being treated for color blindness. Dong-eun suspects that Ye-sol is Jae-jun’s daughter, and Yeon-jin is trying to keep Ye-sol’s condition a secret from her husband.

On a Friday night, Do-young goes to play Go at the club. There, Dong-eun captivated Do-young. She is gambling with a member of the club using a bet of two hundred thousand won. Importantly, she won by two times, causing others to watch her play with excitement. After that, Do-young cannot stop thinking about Dong-eun’s game when he returns home.

Later, Dong-eun’s detective housekeeper uncovers a secret of the school principal Se-myeong (the same school that Yeon-jin’s daughter, Ye-sol, attends.) That he has a relationship with his private driver. Dong-eun then uses this information to blackmail and exchange for her to become a regular teacher for grade 2, class 2 of Se-myeong school where Ye-sol studies.

Everyone except Myeong-o gathers at their old high school to celebrate Yeon-jin’s award from the alumni association. While everyone is chatting and having fun at the gym, Dong-eun appears. She walks into the gym, the place where in the past, everyone had made her feel hurt and suffer.

Dong-eun looks at Yeon-jin with a blank expression as Yeon-jin walks up to receive her award. But behind that expression is deep resentment. “From now on, every single day will be a nightmare.” Dong-eun thinks to herself before forcing a smile and clapping loudly, jeering Yeon-jin out of the gym.

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