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Trolley Episode 9: Sincerity | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 9: Sincerity | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 9 recap: Hye-joo discovers a shocking piece of information about Ji-hoon’s death. Meanwhile, Soo-bin disappears from home.

Hye-joo found a message on Ji-hoon’s phone. This led her to realize that Ji-hoon’s death was not an accident, but a suicide.

Hye-joo tries to collect herself and walks to Soo-bin’s room. But she finds out that Soo-bin has already left the house. What Hye-joo wants to know is what Ji-hoon said before he decided to end his life. Because the phone records show that Soo-bin was the last person Ji-hoon talked to. Hye-joo thinks that Soo-bin might be staying at a single mother’s shelter.

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Soo-bin goes to find her mother. After her mother abandoned her, they haven’t seen each other for more than ten years. She tells her mother that she is pregnant, but her mother doesn’t seem to care at all. At that moment, a middle school girl student walks in, this girl is the new daughter of her mother, named “Yoon-seo” (the same name as Hye-joo’s daughter.) The sound of her mother talking to the new child is different from the sound of talking to her. Soo-bin could only feel a little heartbroken.

After that, Soo-bin goes to see her mother again, but her mother still has a cold attitude towards her and when Soo-bin asked about her new daughter, her mother’s mood immediately worsened. “How would you know? If you just go to compete with Yoon-seo, I’ll kill you.”

Hearing this from her mother, Soo-bin’s eyes welled up with tears immediately. “I don’t ask for anything, mom. I just wish you happiness with your new child.” Soo-bin can’t help but wonder how much pain and deep heartache a mother’s rejection can cause. Her mother’s behavior is like that of a stranger and Soo-bin’s tears won’t stop flowing. She throws her phone to her mother and quickly turns around and walks out.

Politician of the Human Race

Meanwhile, the opposing politician finds out that the girl who became a victim of the medical student is a sex worker. When this news comes out, public opinion immediately views the law that Rep. Nam Joong-do is being pushed as meaningless.

After that, Nam Joong-do releases a video of his visit to the parents of the medical student. It’s a video where he just stood by and let the parents of the medical student vent without interruption, and allowed his assistant, Woo-jae, to secretly record the video for political gain. It’s a video that was staged for political gain!

After the aforementioned video was released. Public opinion began to change, shifting back to supporting Nam Joong-do once again. This is politics, the people who are said to be the owners of power, but in reality, they are just tools that politicians use to justify their actions. Even Nam Joong-do, who is almost considered a model politician, is no exception. All that he is, is just a facade created for political gain. This is called “Politician of the human race.” No matter the country, they are all the same.

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