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Trolley Episode 10: Doubt | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 10: Doubt | Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 10 recap: Hye-joo meets with a man claiming to be Ji-hoon’s friend. Joong-do asks Hye-joo for permission to go public with her painful past.

A man claims to be a friend of Ji-hoon and calls Hye-joo to meet at a café. The man says he had traveled abroad for studies. And upon returning to Korea, he heard the news of Ji-hoon’s death. However, the man’s main objective for the meeting is to find out if the child in Soo-bin’s pregnancy is truly Ji-hoon’s. Hye-joo confirms that it is.

Ki-young sees Seung-hee struggling with the death of Seung-ho. And she also wants to take down Rep. Nam Joong-do and Hye-joo. Then he invites her to move to Australia and leave everything behind, but Seung-hee immediately refuses. She says she can’t abandon her mother alone.

That night, Ki-young made a decision and called Nam Joong-do to provide evidence of embezzlement of the land that his mother-in-law had owned.

Nam Joong-do then uses the evidence he had obtained to negotiate with the opposing party in order to have both sides reach an agreement before the general election.

The Nightmare

When Nam Joong-do returned home, he made the decision to ask Hye-joo to reveal her past experiences of sexual harassment during her high school days to the public. This would be used as a rallying for the public to support the laws he is currently pushing for.

Hye-joo thinks about it for a while. And tells her husband that she is willing to reveal her past of sexual harassment. But she does not want to appear in the media. She asks him to promise not to make her appear in the media, and he agrees.

In the morning, As Hye-joo goes to work. She is confronted by a group of journalists and a barrage of questions, “Is it true that you were involved in a death twenty years ago?”

The camera flashes blind her as memories of the past flood back.

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