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The Glory Part 1 Episode 4: Welcome to My Gym - Kdrama Recap

The Glory Episode 4 Recap: Welcome to My Gym – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 4 recap: Already on edge over the past resurfacing, Yeon-jin grows more anxious when she learns about her daughter’s new homeroom teacher — and of a sudden death.

After the award ceremony, Yeon-jin walks over and aggressively slaps Dong-eun, fueled by their ongoing feud. However, Jae-jun intervenes and stops them. Despite being slapped, Dong-eun still smiles and tells Yeon-jin that he will watch her weather forecast every day as she is the presenter.

Jae-jun notices something amiss and is convinced that Dong-eun’s return is not a coincidence. He orders Myeong-o to investigate Dong-eun’s background without knowing that Myeong-o is already working with Dong-eun. Meanwhile, the others in the group are agitated with Dong-eun’s reappearance.

After the incident, Yeon-jin receives a phone call from Ye-sol, her cute teenage daughter. Ye-sol tells her that she put milk in her shoes, causing her to walk barefoot. Ye-sol also mentions that there is a new homeroom teacher who is friends with her mother from high school. Yeon-jin is shocked when she finds out that the new homeroom teacher is Dong-eun.

Yeon-jin rushes to the school to confront Dong-eun once again. Dong-eun admits that this is not a coincidence. And that she has purposely brought Yeon-jin into the game she has set up. She greets Yeon-jin with a victorious smile, “Welcome to my gym, Yeon-jin.”

But Yeon-jin is still Yeon-jin, she blushes and challenges Dong-eun before turning around and walking out. But this time is different, inside her mind she feels a turmoil that she can’t express. Because this time the stakes are higher, it’s Ye-sol.

Worse yet, Yeon-jin’s face turns pale when she receives a message that the high school teacher has passed away. Yeon-jin turns back, while Dong-eun has a smile on the corner of her mouth.

From now on, you’re gonna suffer like I did

Flashback shows Dong-eun visiting Teacher Kim’s house, at the same time as when her son returned home.

When Teacher Kim realizes that the woman standing in front of him is Dong-eun. He starts insulting and trying to chase her out. That moment, Dong-eun tells Teacher Kim’s son that she is going to post her past story of how Teacher Kim abused her when she was 17 on the internet.

After that, Kim’s son orchestrated the murder of Teacher Kim, who had a severe allergy to lilies, by filling his house with lilies. The son, who loved his father, turned into a cold-blooded killer just to bury the terrible things that his father had done in the past. And fearing that Dong-eun’s revelation of his father’s shame would damage his reputation and it would ruin his career!

Flashback to present, Dong-eun slowly walks to Yeon-jin and says, “I’m curious. What will you do? You’ve already broken my whole body. You’ve already crushed my soul. Is there anything left for you to do?” Dong-eun smirks at Yeon-jin. “From now on, you’re gonna suffer like I did.”

Ever since that day, Yeon-jin almost became crazy because she was afraid that Dong-eun would hurt her daughter the way she had hurt Dong-eun.

On a Friday evening, Dong-eun returns to the GO club again. This time she plays with Do-young. Both of them play GO together for the first time, Dong-eun easily wins. Dong-eun takes the 20,000 won bet and prepares to leave. Doyoung then says “Shall we bet 5,000 won next time?”

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