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The Glory Part 1 Episode 5: I'm Not Looking For A Prince - Recap

The Glory Episode 5 Recap: Not Looking For A Prince – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 5 recap: While Do-yeong comes across an intriguing game opponent, Yeon-jin realizes her deepest secrets are at stake when she tries to intimidate Dong-eun.

After playing GO, Dong-eun stops by a convenience store to eat cheap triangle-shaped kimbap (Samgak Kimbap). Do-young sees Dong-eun and parks his car to talk to her. As if he wants to get to know her better. However, Dong-eun chooses to be evasive. Then he leaves a business card behind and says he wants to play a game with her again.

Slowly, the Two of Us Will Die Together

During that time, Yeon-jin goes to find the head teacher to ask for details about Dong-eun’s acceptance into the school as a full-time teacher. And it was surprising when she learned that the Director was the one who recommended Dong-eun himself.

After school, Yeon-jin goes to find Dong-eun in the classroom to offer her as much money as she needs in exchange for not causing any more trouble. Dong-eun refuses, telling Yeon-jin that she truly doesn’t have any intention of hurting Ye-sol. She also reveals that Ye-sol’s color blindness and real father’s situation are more important than anything else. And It could ruin Yeon-jin’s life.

“So, never test me on how far I’m willing to go, or how far I can make you suffer, Yeon-jin. I want you to slowly wither away, so you understand how it feels. Slowly, the two of us will die together.”

The secret that Dong-eun is hiding is causing Yeon-jin to become angry and frustrated to the point where she almost wants to tear Dong-eun apart, but she can’t. Yeon-jin then hires a private investigator to look into everything related to Dong-eun.

Two Killers Walking Together

Dong-eun later goes to find Sa-ra and hands her a bag, saying “You have 15 days. Fill that with cash and wait for my message. I want them in dollars.” and threatens to expose her drug addiction if she doesn’t comply. When Sa-ra starts to resist, Dong-eun grabs her hair and violently shakes her as she screams in pain.

On the other hand, Yeo-jeong receives a message from Dong-eun, after not responding for 7-8 years. He’s still thinking about her. They meet at a public park and Dong-eun apologizes for the hurt she caused and admits that he’s not her type. Yeo-jeong expresses feelings and says “You can date me. I know I’ll make you happy.” Dong-eun’s face lights up with happiness at his words. It’s a rare moment of happiness for her.

“I’m just feeling happy.” Dong-eun responds to Yeo-jeong after he wonders why she was laughing. “But I’m not looking for a prince now. I need an executioner with me, who can help me in the hunt”

The next day, Dong-eun meets with Myeong-o. She gives some information about the death of a school friend who fell from a building. She says it’s not a suicide, but a murder. Dong-eun whispers the killer’s name, Yeon-jin.

Afterwards, Myeong-o buys a one-way ticket to Vladivostok. And sneaks into Jae-jun’s house to steal expensive brand name clothing. Before leaving, he calls each of his friends separately, as Dong-eun instructed.

However, Myeong-o was beaten with a hard object on the head, he fell unconscious and died in a pool of blood.

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