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The Glory Part 1 Episode 6: Be Your Executioner - Kdrama Recap

The Glory Episode 6 Recap: Be Your Executioner – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 6 recap: Myeong-o’s sudden absence causes tension in the friend group. While yeo-jeong is making a crucial decision.

Yeo-jeong quits the hospital and tells his mother directly that he would open a clinic in Semyung because he likes a woman who lives there. He then told his mother about Dong-eun. And his mother scolds him for leaving everything behind for a woman. She then hugs him and consoles him like a child.

Right now, Yeon-jin seems to be completely deadened. So, she has to go and seek the help of a medium to perform a ritual. After the ritual is completed, Yeon-jin’s mother wants to use political power to order Dong-eun to leave the school where Ye-sol studies. Yeon-jin resists “I’m so scared, mom. I’m just scared for Ye-sol. She might not understand now, but what if she grows up and finds out? I’m terrified of that.”

Jae-jun returns home after not coming back for several days. And finds out that all of his expensive brand name clothes and watches have been stolen by Myeong-o. He picks up his phone to call Myeong-o, but it goes unanswered just like before.

Meanwhile, Sa-ra tries to contact Myeong-o to get drugs, but she can’t get in touch. Sa-ra is lacking the drug to drive her emotions as an artist. Now, Sa-ra is no different from a deteriorating artist due to her drug deprivation. Is Myeong-o really gone for good or is he dead?

Similarly, Dong-eun is trying to track down Myeong-o. She suspects that he might have been killed because there is no information about where he might have gone to in Vladivostok.

I’ll Be Your Executioner

Then, Dong-eun decides to go to yeo-jeong’s newly moved-in house in Semyung. She tells him about her past traumatic experiences during high school and says, “I’m betting my whole life on getting revenge on all those people.”

After hearing the story, Yeo-jung warns Dong-eun that seeking revenge will only make her life worse. Upon hearing this, Dong-eun laughs out, saying “I’m jealous of you. Because your childhood must have been sweet.”

Then, Dong-eun shows Yeo-jeong the scars on her arm. Caused by the abuse she received in the past. When Dong-eun sees him flinch, she says “The face you’re making now after just seeing one arm. You still want me to stop this?”

Dong-eun gets up and walks to a spot with light, slowly taking off her shirt to reveal scars all over body. Yeo-jeong is shocked when he sees the scars. Which is the result of the cruelty of THEM.

“I’m already ruined. I have no Dignity left. I want to stay faithful to my rage and fury.” Dong-eun doesn’t want her revenge to be tainted by any goodwill, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Yeo-jeong wipes away his tears and speaks up in a sincere voice, “I’ll do it. I’ll be your executioner. I’ll join the hunt.”

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