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The Glory Part 1 Episode 7: No One Left - Kdrama Recap

The Glory Episode 7 Recap: No One Left – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 7 recap: Dong-eun shares her traumatic past with Joo Yeo-jeong, who has unfinished business of his own. A new plan is put in place for the detective housekeeper’s daughter.

Yeo-jeong picks up clothes and covers Dong-eun’s body. During that, Dong-eun also tells her highest goal. “Yeon-jin will have nobody who can be at her side. Not even her daughter or her husband. She’ll have no one left. No one she has loved left.”

Yeo-jeong tells Dong-eun the code to open the house’s door is “3742” and says she will come whenever she wants.

Dong-eun suspects that Myeong-o may have been killed by Yeon-jin after he confronted her about being the one who pushed a fellow student off a building in high school and staged it as a suicide. Then, Dong-eun orders the detective housekeeper to find Myeong-o’s corpse.

Dong-eun meets with Sa-ra to get money. Once she gets the money, Dong-eun goes to the detective housekeeper’s daughter and asks her to study in America using the money she got from Sa-ra as tuition.

Meanwhile, Do-young starts to receive various information that Myeong-o sent according to Dong-eun’s plan. This makes him start to suspect the relationship between Yeon-jin and Jae-jun. He quickly sets off to find Jae-jun at the golf course.

In the meantime, Jae-jun receives the DNA test results. Which confirms that Ye-sol is his daughter. Upon learning this, he starts thinking about reclaiming his daughter from Do-young. He takes this matter to a lawyer. But finds out that he cannot use legal means to reclaim his daughter. However, he receives advice that he should make Yeon-jin divorce Do-young.

The person who is most concerned about the situation is Yeon-jin. She rushes to find Jae-jun immediately. However, Jae-jun is angry that she kept Ye-sol a secret. He grabs her by the throat with his anger. When he lets go, it seems to have triggered something in Yeon-jin’s emotions. Both of them begin to show their love for each other.

At this point, Jae-jun plans to take his daughter back. One day, when the school held an event for parents to come and see their children’s class. Do-young went as Ye-sol’s father. However, Jae-jun also appeared. At this moment, the conflict between Jae-jun and Do-young began to intensify every moment, with Ye-sol as the prize.

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