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The Glory Part 1 (2022) Summary

The Glory (2022) Summary

The Glory spoiler: Years after surviving horrific abuse in high school, a woman devises an elaborate plan for revenge against her perpetrators.

Ep 1 Revenge

Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) is currently using a gun stapler to shoot pictures cut out from a magazine of a woman onto the wall. The picture is of weather forecaster Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon). Dong-eun is wearing a black tank top and facing the wall, revealing burn marks all over her body. She stands there for a moment before Yeon-jin walks into the room.

Yeon-jin can’t remember who Dong-eun is. Dong-eun points the gun stapler at Yeon-jin’s face and shoots. Yeon-jin falls to the ground and blood is splattered all over her face. Dong-eun speaks with an intense look of resentment in her eyes, “Before I kill you, at least remember me.”

Yeon-jin is a person who is full of arrogance. She sneers at Dong-eun because she always believed that power and money she has’ are so much that no one can touch her.

Dong-eun smiles victoriously, “You don’t know how I got to this point. I’ll have to tell you my story.”

In the Summer… 2004

Dong-eun was in high school. Her mother does not care about her daughter at all, not even a bit.

At school, there was a group of bullies led by Yeon-jin who came from wealthy families. Dong-eun, being from a poor background, became the target of Yeon-jin’s group. It wasn’t just verbal bullying, but also physical abuse. One day, Dong-eun reported the bullying to the police, but the result was that the teachers sided with the bullies.

The police did not take any action, the teachers didn’t care about Dong-eun, and her mother was preoccupied with entertaining men. So Dong-eun became an even more vulnerable target for Yeon-jin, and the bullying became even more severe than before.

On that day, at the school gym, Yeon-jin ordered her friends to grab Dong-eun and tie her up, then used a heated hair straightener to burn her arms. Dong-eun screamed and begged for help, but it seemed like her cries were falling on deaf ears. Yeon-jin sneered and said, “No one will protect you Dong-eun, not the police, not the school, not even your mother. You’re just a social outcast.” Dong-eun cried out in pain from the burns on her arms.

Day after day, Dong-eun has been increasingly subjected to severe violence, causing physical injuries all over his body, in addition to emotional trauma that will never be forgotten. Eventually, she decided to leave the school.


After Dong-eun decided to leave the future behind by leaving the school to escape the violence, she could only lower her head and work in a restaurant day after day. Even though her physical wounds would heal, they still ached. One night, Dong-eun, with both physical and menstrual pain, almost exploded her stomach. That night, she stood by the Han River, considering ending her own life. She thought that the coolness of the river might alleviate some of her pain, even if it was only for a few moments.

In fact, Dong-eun went to the Han River that night and made her think of something, something that she calls REVENGE. Dong-eun began to have a dream, a dream in which Yoon-jin was in it. The dream where she would wait for Yoon-jin to reach the peak of her life. And when that day comes, she will make Yoon-jin’s life fall apart.

From this moment on, Dong-eun’s life will be driven by the power of revenge. During that time, Dong-eun worked hard and graduated from high school. And in 2009, Dong-eun entered college as she had planned.

Ep 2 A Life with Hell as the Destination


Dong-eun is following the life of nemeses she used Facebook and Instagram. She finds out that Yeon-jin is getting married but is still secretly seeing Jae-jun. Jae-jun is the owner of a golf course and a brand named Siesta.

Meanwhile, Myeong-o just lives life casually, as a lackey of Jae-jun. In the field of Sa-ra, she becomes a full-time artist, but she likes to use Myeong-o to find “weed” for regular entertainment. And the last person, Hye-jeong, is an air hostess who is infatuated with the luxury brand name.

Dong-eun currently works as a private tutor for high school students. That evening, on her way back from a tutoring session. Dong-eun collapses and is taken to the hospital. While recovering in the emergency room, she becomes aware of Yeo-jeong (played by Yoon Do-hyun), a medical intern at that hospital. She quickly removes her IV and leaves the hospital without receiving treatment. Yeo-jeong discovers that Dong-eun has anemia from her medical records.

Yeo-jeong asks the nurse for information and found out Dong-eun. He then follows her to give her the prescription. And he explains that the medication for her anemia must be taken for six months continuously. After that, Yeo-jeong offers to teach Dong-eun how to play GO. Dong-eun agrees, but only as part of her plan for revenge. Once she becomes skilled at the game, she ends her relationship with Yeo-jeong.!


Dong-eun passed her licensure exam and became a licensed teacher. Which was the same time Yeon-jin became a mother.

In the summer of 2021

Do-young, the wealthy husband of Yeon-jin and owner of a real estate business, surprises her with a pair of green brand-name sneakers for her birthday. Yeon-jin’s face is filled with happiness and contentment. Meanwhile, Dong-eun is collecting documents from trash cans to uncover various stories and it seems like she may have stumbled upon some important information.


Dong-eun came to the Siesta brand shoe store, just as Myeong-o was walking in. At first glance, he recognized Dong-eun immediately. He went over to greet her and Dong-eun told him that she was currently a primary school teacher and she was just here to try on expensive brand shoes. Myeong-o acted like the owner of the store and offered to give her the expensive shoes for free, and invited her to have a coffee in the VIP room.

Dong-eun knows that Myeong-o is just pretending to be the owner. And that he is still a suck-up to Jae-jun, just like in high school. Dong-eun then tells Myeong-o to stop pretending “I thought you’d understand wanting to destroy them.”

Later on, one night, while Dong-eun was secretly stealing trash from Yeon-jin’s house. She was caught by the housekeeper, who found out that she had been stealing trash for the past six months. Dong-eun tried to offer money as a solution, but the housekeeper refused and made an offer instead.

“I don’t know why you’re stealing this trash, but I’ll help you and you’ll help me in return…” The housekeeper looked at Dong-eun with a worried look before continuing, “…by helping me kill my husband!” !!?

Ep 3 From Now On

Dong-eun goes to the house of the housekeeper. Dong-eun sees that the housekeeper is being brutally beaten by her husband, and her daughter holds a knife in her hand to prevent her mother from being harmed. After that, Dong-eun walks out with her head down.

Dong-eun agrees to work together with the housekeeper. During that time, Dong-eun also helped the housekeeper to study and pass the driving test. After that, Dong-eun teaches the housekeeper how to take pictures using a digital camera and gives her a personal car to use.

The Housekeeper works as a detective for Dong-eun and follows Yeon-Jin to the eye clinic where Ye-sol is being treated for color blindness. Dong-eun suspects that Ye-sol is Jae-jun’s daughter, and Yeon-jin is trying to keep Ye-sol’s condition a secret from her husband.

The Detective Housekeeper

On a Friday night, Do-young goes to play GO at the club. There, Dong-eun captivated Do-young. She is gambling with a member of the club using a bet of two hundred thousand won. Importantly, she won by two times, causing others to watch her play with excitement. After that, Do-young cannot stop thinking about Dong-eun’s game when he returns home.

Later, Dong-eun’s detective housekeeper uncovers a secret of the school principal Se-myeong (the same school that Yeon-jin’s daughter, Ye-sol, attends.) That he has a relationship with his private driver. Dong-eun then uses this information to blackmail and exchange for her to become a regular teacher for grade 2, class 2 of Se-myeong school where Ye-sol studies.

Everyone except Myeong-o gathers at their old high school to celebrate Yeon-jin’s award from the alumni association. While everyone is chatting and having fun at the gym, Dong-eun appears. She walks into the gym, the place where in the past, everyone had made her feel hurt and suffer.

Dong-eun looks at Yeon-jin with a blank expression as Yeon-jin walks up to receive her award. But behind that expression is deep resentment. “From now on, every single day will be a nightmare.” Dong-eun thinks to herself before forcing a smile and clapping loudly, jeering Yeon-jin out of the gym.

Ep 4 Welcome to My Gym

After the award ceremony, Yeon-jin walks over and aggressively slaps Dong-eun, fueled by their ongoing feud. However, Jae-jun intervenes and stops them. Despite being slapped, Dong-eun still smiles and tells Yeon-jin that he will watch her weather forecast every day as she is the presenter.

Something amiss catches Jae-jun’s attention and he becomes convinced that Dong-eun’s return is not a coincidence. He orders Myeong-o to investigate Dong-eun’s background without knowing that Myeong-o is already working with Dong-eun. Meanwhile, Dong-eun’s reappearance agitates the others in the group.

After the incident, Yeon-jin receives a phone call from Ye-sol, her cute teenage daughter. Ye-sol tells her that she put milk in her shoes, causing her to walk barefoot. Ye-sol also mentions that there is a new homeroom teacher who is friends with her mother from high school. Yeon-jin is shocked when she finds out that the new homeroom teacher is Dong-eun.

Yeon-jin rushes to the school to confront Dong-eun once again. Dong-eun admits that this is not a coincidence. And that she has purposely brought Yeon-jin into the game she has set up. She greets Yeon-jin with a victorious smile, “Welcome to my gym, Yeon-jin.”

But Yeon-jin is still Yeon-jin, she blushes and challenges Dong-eun before turning around and walking out. But this time is different, inside her mind she feels a turmoil that she can’t express. Because this time the stakes are higher, it’s Ye-sol.

High School Teacher

Worse yet, Yeon-jin’s face turns pale when she receives a message that the high school teacher has passed away. Yeon-jin turns back, while Dong-eun has a smile on the corner of her mouth.

Flashback shows Dong-eun visiting Teacher Kim’s house, at the same time as when her son returned home.

When Teacher Kim realizes that the woman standing in front of him is Dong-eun. He starts insulting and trying to chase her out. That moment, Dong-eun tells Teacher Kim’s son that she is going to post her past story of how Teacher Kim abused her when she was 17 on the internet.

After that, Kim’s son orchestrated the murder of Teacher Kim, who had a severe allergy to lilies, by filling his house with lilies. The son, who loved his father, turned into a cold-blooded killer just to bury the terrible things that his father had done in the past. And fearing that Dong-eun’s revelation of his father’s shame would damage his reputation and it would ruin his career!

From now on

Flashback to present, Dong-eun slowly walks to Yeon-jin and says, “I’m curious. What will you do? You’ve already broken my whole body. You’ve already crushed my soul. Is there anything left for you to do?” Dong-eun smirks at Yeon-jin. “From now on, you’re gonna suffer like I did.”

Ever since that day, Yeon-jin almost became crazy because she was afraid that Dong-eun would hurt her daughter the way she had hurt Dong-eun.

On a Friday evening, Dong-eun returns to the GO club again. This time she plays with Do-young. Both of them play GO together for the first time, Dong-eun easily wins. Dong-eun takes the 20,000 won bet and prepares to leave. Doyoung then says “Shall we bet 5,000 won next time?”

Ep 5 I’m Not Looking For A Prince

After playing GO, Dong-eun stops by a convenience store to eat cheap triangle-shaped kimbap (Samgak Kimbap). Do-young sees Dong-eun and parks his car to talk to her. As if he wants to get to know her better. However, Dong-eun chooses to be evasive. Then he leaves a business card behind and says he wants to play a game with her again.

Slowly, the Two of Us Will Die Together

During that time, Yeon-jin goes to find the head teacher to ask for details about Dong-eun’s acceptance into the school as a full-time teacher. And it was surprising when she learned that the Director was the one who recommended Dong-eun himself.

After school, Yeon-jin goes to find Dong-eun in the classroom to offer her as much money as she needs in exchange for not causing any more trouble. Dong-eun refuses, telling Yeon-jin that she truly doesn’t have any intention of hurting Ye-sol. She also reveals that Ye-sol’s color blindness and real father’s situation are more important than anything else. And It could ruin Yeon-jin’s life.

“So, never test me on how far I’m willing to go, or how far I can make you suffer, Yeon-jin. I want you to slowly wither away, so you understand how it feels. Slowly, the two of us will die together.”

The secret that Dong-eun is hiding is causing Yeon-jin to become angry and frustrated to the point where she almost wants to tear Dong-eun apart, but she can’t. Yeon-jin then hires a private investigator to look into everything related to Dong-eun.

Dong-eun later goes to find Sa-ra and hands her a bag, saying “You have 15 days. Fill that with cash and wait for my message. I want them in dollars.” and threatens to expose her drug addiction if she doesn’t comply.

Two Killers Walking Together

On the other hand, Yeo-jeong receives a message from Dong-eun, after not responding for 7-8 years. He’s still thinking about her. They meet at a public park and Dong-eun apologizes for the hurt she caused and admits that he’s not her type. Yeo-jeong expresses feelings and says “You can date me. I know I’ll make you happy.” Dong-eun’s face lights up with happiness at his words. It’s a rare moment of happiness for her.

“I’m just feeling happy.” Dong-eun responds to Yeo-jeong after he wonders why she was laughing. “But I’m not looking for a prince now. I need an executioner with me, who can help me in the hunt”

The next day, Dong-eun meets with Myeong-o. She gives some information about the death of a school friend who fell from a building. She says it’s not a suicide, but a murder. Dong-eun whispers the killer’s name, Yeon-jin.

Afterwards, Myeong-o buys a one-way ticket to Vladivostok. And sneaks into Jae-jun’s house to steal expensive brand name clothing. Before leaving, he calls each of his friends separately, as Dong-eun instructed.

However, Myeong-o was beaten with a hard object on the head, he fell unconscious and died in a pool of blood.

Ep 6 Be Your Executioner

Yeo-jeong quits the hospital and tells his mother directly that he would open a clinic in Semyung because he likes a woman who lives there.

Right now, Yeon-jin appears completely deadened. So, she has to go and seek the help of a medium to perform a ritual. After completing the ritual, Yeon-jin’s mother attempts to use her political power to order Dong-eun to leave the school where Ye-sol studies. Yeon-jin resists “I’m so scared, mom. I’m just scared for Ye-sol. She might not understand now, but what if she grows up and finds out? I’m terrified of that.”

Meanwhile, Sa-ra tries to contact Myeong-o to get drugs, but she can’t get in touch. Sa-ra is lacking the drug to drive her emotions as an artist. Now, Sa-ra is no different from a deteriorating artist due to her drug deprivation. Is Myeong-o really gone for good or is he dead?

Similarly, Dong-eun is trying to track down Myeong-o. She suspects that he might have been killed because there is no information about where he might have gone to in Vladivostok.

I’ll Be Your Executioner

Then, Dong-eun decides to go to yeo-jeong’s newly moved-in house in Semyung. She tells him about her past traumatic experiences during high school and says, “I’m betting my whole life on getting revenge on all those people.”

After hearing the story, Yeo-jung warns Dong-eun that seeking revenge will only make her life worse. Upon hearing this, Dong-eun laughs out, saying “I’m jealous of you. Because your childhood must have been sweet.”

Then, Dong-eun shows Yeo-jeong the scars on her arm. Caused by the abuse she received in the past. When Dong-eun sees him flinch, she says “The face you’re making now after just seeing one arm. You still want me to stop this?”

Dong-eun gets up and walks to a spot with light, slowly taking off her shirt to reveal scars all over body. Yeo-jeong is shocked when he sees the scars. Which is the result of the cruelty of THEM.

“I’m already ruined. I have no Dignity left. I want to stay faithful to my rage and fury.” Dong-eun doesn’t want her revenge to be tainted by any goodwill, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Yeo-jeong wipes away his tears and speaks up in a sincere voice, “I’ll do it. I’ll be your executioner. I’ll join the hunt.”

Ep 7 No One Left

Yeo-jeong picks up clothes and covers Dong-eun’s body. During that, Dong-eun also tells her highest goal. “Yeon-jin will have nobody who can be at her side. She’ll have no one left. No one she has loved left.”

Dong-eun meets with Sa-ra to get money. Once she gets the money, Dong-eun goes to the detective housekeeper’s daughter and asks her to study in America using the money she got from Sa-ra as tuition.

Meanwhile, Do-young starts to receive various information that Myeong-o sent according to Dong-eun’s plan. This makes him start to suspect the relationship between Yeon-jin and Jae-jun. He quickly sets off to find Jae-jun at the golf course.


In the meantime, Jae-jun receives the DNA test results. Which confirms that Ye-sol is his daughter. Upon learning this, he starts thinking about reclaiming his daughter from Do-young. He takes this matter to a lawyer. But finds out that he cannot use legal means to reclaim his daughter. However, he receives advice that he should make Yeon-jin divorce Do-young.

The person who is most concerned about the situation is Yeon-jin. She rushes to find Jae-jun immediately. However, Jae-jun is angry that she kept Ye-sol a secret. He grabs her by the throat with his anger. When he lets go, it seems to have triggered something in Yeon-jin’s emotions. Both of them begin to show their love for each other.

At this point, Jae-jun plans to take his daughter back. One day, when the school held an event for parents to come and see their children’s class. Do-young went as Ye-sol’s father. However, Jae-jun also appeared. At this moment, the conflict between Jae-jun and Do-young began to intensify every moment, with Ye-sol as the prize.

Ep 8 Twenty Years Like Yesterday

Dong-eun faces Jae-jun at school. At first glance, she remembers the image of him bullying her when they were in 5th grade. At that time, he forced her to stand in the rain and look up, while making derogatory comments. Dong-eun tries to control her embarrassment and anger. But her hand still involuntarily hit Jae-jun’s face strongly.

He grabs Dong-eun’s arm and warns “Don’t mess with Jae-sol.”

Dong-eun glared at Jae-jun, warning him “Let me warn you as well. Don’t help Yeon-jin in any way. If you really want Ye-sol, then I’m your ally.” She finished speaking and quickly walked away.

At the same time, Do-young meets with Hye-jeong to ask about Yeon-jin’s past relationship with Dong-eun. Hye-jeong reveals that Yeon-jin had once been violent towards Dong-eun during their high school days. The violence was severe enough that Dong-eun had to leave school. Hye-jeong advises Do-young to ask Yeon-jin for more details himself.

Later, Dong-eun appears in front of Hye-jeong. When Hye-jeong sees Dong-eun, she begs Dong-eun not to ruin her wedding. From then on, Hye-jeong promises to obey all commands. Dong-eun then orders her to report the matter of Myeong-o’s disappearance.

The Secret

When Do-young returns home, he asks Yeon-jin for the truth. At this point, Yeon-jin asks her husband to trust her. Because everyone has secrets that they don’t want others to know. And she would do everything to make sure no one finds out, especially her daughter.

“So don’t try to open a box that should stay closed up. I love you so much. I don’t want you to find out about this.”

A few days later, Yeon-jin receives information from her mother’s police chief friend that Dong-eun is renting an apartment in front of her house. That night, Yeon-jin hires someone to break in and illegally enter Dong-eun’s room. The pictures and evidence left on the wall make Yeon-jin’s gaze linger. After a moment, she picks up a cigarette and mutters to herself, “I slipped up. I really shouldn’t have bullied that bitch [Dong-eun]. I should have just killed her back then.”

Takes A Piece of GO

On the same night, Do-young calls and makes an appointment to meet Dong-eun at a GO playing field. Dong-eun admits that she approached him on purpose. And tells him everything he wants to know, including the apartment she is renting, which is in front of Yeon-jin’s house.

Do-young arrives at Dong-eun’s apartment and finds Yeon-jin in the room. Both stand facing each other.

Yeo-jeong goes into the mortuary room to look at the body of a young girl who died over twenty years ago. Dong-eun stated Yeon-jin pushed off the building. But when Yeo-jeong looks in the storage unit, it’s empty. Meanwhile, Dong-eun goes to Yeon-jin’s house and takes a piece of GO and places it on a board.

Ep 9 Last Chance

Yeon-jin stands in Dong-eun’s room, staring down at her husband Do-young amidst the sea of incriminating evidence. Despite the plastered walls of proof, Yeon-jin remains collected. She accuses Do-young of opening the secret box she warned him not to touch. Yeon-jin saunters past Do-young with an icy glare, devoid of any guilt, and utters, “All the pictures and evidence of Dong-eun’s high school assault are true.” Yeon-jin leans in close and whispers in his ear, “Know that it is I who is disappointed that we ended up here, not you,” before leaving the room.

Unbeknownst to them, Dong-eun has been watching everything through a hidden camera. Seeing Do-young’s respect for Yeon-jin prompts Dong-eun to take action.

One Last Chance

The following day, Dong-eun waits for Yeon-jin at a television station. As the two chat at a cafe, Dong-eun makes Yeon-jin an offer. She proposes that Yeon-jin turn herself in to the police and admit to her past crimes, and in return, Dong-eun will cease seeking revenge.

“If you surrender to me, the punishment will be far more severe,” Dong-eun warns. “I will count backwards for the 18 years I’ve spent living in hell. Turn yourself in, and I will end my revenge here.” Dong-eun offers Yeon-jin a final chance for the sake of Do-young.

However, Yeon-jin merely scoffs at Dong-eun’s proposal. “Wow, how kind of you. Am I drunk? If I surrender, my life will be ruined. But you’ve misunderstood something. I haven’t done anything wrong. I am not the one who caused your hellish existence. But your life has been hell since birth.”

Dong-eun smiles at the corner of her mouth, pleased to see that Yeon-jin shows no remorse. “I’m relieved to see your mouth is clear of guilt. It’ll make my revenge all the sweeter,” Dong-eun says.

Ep 10 Never Feel Guilty

Lim Ji-yeon in The Glory Episode 10

Yeon-jin is in Dong-un’s room when she notices a picture of a man she doesn’t know. With suspicion gnawing at her, she decides to investigate. After some digging, she discovers that the man in the photo is Kang Hyeon-nam’s husband, the detective maid who works for Dong-eun. Yeon-jin seizes the opportunity and offers Kang Hyeon-nam a chance to switch sides. The Detective Maid reluctantly accepts Yeon-jin’s offer for the safety of her daughter.

However, the Detective Maid secretly informs Dong-eun about the switch. Dong-eun quickly arranges to take the detective maid’s high school daughter into hiding for safety.

It’s not long before someone unexpected appears at school – Dong-eun’s long-lost mother. Even after ten years, she still acts like she’s drunk and hasn’t changed her ways. Dong-eun can’t help but think this must be Yeon-jin’s doing. Previously, Yeon-jin had offered Dong-eun’s mother a large sum of money to get Dong-eun expelled from school. Initially, Dong-eun’s mother refused, but she eventually agreed after they offered enough money.

Never Feel Guilty

Meanwhile, Dong-eun’s plans are in motion. Do-young teases Yeon-jin and Jae-jun’s relationship, and Yeon-jin starts to become suspicious of Do-young and Hye-jeong. That night, Do-young explodes at Yeon-jin like never before, “If you had any remorse for your actions. You would have remained silent. But your behavior shows that you feel no guilt at all.”

Later, at a luxury hotel in central Seoul, Do-young and Dong-eun meet to discuss the past. As they ride in the elevator, Do-young breaks the silence by saying, “I already know about you and Yeon-jin.” Dong-eun replies with a straight face, “I don’t think you’ll ever know it all.”

As they arrive at the hotel, a staff member offers to hang up Dong-eun’s coat. As Dong-eun takes off her coat, everyone in the area is shocked to see the ghastly scars caused by a hair clip on her torso. Do-young’s eyes widen, wondering if these scars are a result of Yeon-jin’s evil actions.

Ep 11 Evidence Doesn’t Conceal the Truth

Inside a private room at a restaurant in a luxurious hotel, Do-young is left speechless as he sees the scars on Dong-eun’s torso. Dong-eun demands that Do-young leave Yeon-jin, “I want everyone in her life to leave her. Including you. Because you’re Yeon-jin’s GLORY. But after all of this, I want you to become another reminder of Yeon-jin’s ruin.” However, Do-young stands his ground and refuses her demands. He won’t abandon Yeon-jin, even though he doesn’t know why.

Yeon-jin and Yeo-jeong are injecting filler when Yeon-jin passes out due to the drug’s effect. Before she loses consciousness, Yeo-jeong whispers in Yeon-jin’s ear, “What did you do to Myung-oh?” Moments later, Yeon-jin faints.

Lim Ji-yeon

Evidence Doesn’t Conceal the Truth

The scene flashes back to the day when Myung-oh arranged for Yeon-jin to meet him at the Siesta dressing room. It’s revealed that Yeon-jin killed Yoon So-hee 18 years ago, and Myung-oh is using this information to blackmail her. Myung-oh’s taunts and Yeon-jin’s defiance cause her to rage. She grabs a brandy bottle and hurls it at Myung-oh, causing him to fall and bleed profusely.

At that moment, Yeon-jin’s first thought is of Yong-jun, the corrupt police chief who had helped her cover up evidence when she was young. Yong-jun sends a team to clean up and takes Myung-oh’s body to the Yongsan Funeral Site to wait for a rainy day to bury him and cover up the evidence. Yeon-jin burns his clothes and orders the staff at the Siesta store to delete the CCTV files.

Returning to the present, Yeon-jin wakes up screaming and runs away.

Later, Yeo-jeong purchases an abandoned building where the funeral home used to be located. The broker is suspicious and asks why she wants to buy an old, abandoned building. Yeo-jeong replies, “When we want to eat chocolate, we have to buy a box with chocolate inside.” The broker looks puzzled.

Song Hye-Kyo and Lee Do-Hyun in The Glory Ep 11 Kdrama

That same night, Yeo-jeong and Dong-eun drive to the abandoned building, and the officer manages to turn on the lights. The sign outside reads: Yongsan Funeral Site!

Ep 12 First Bully

Dong-eun sends over a file containing photos of schoolgirls’ underskirts. Including one of Ye-sol’s, and claims that Teacher Chu took them. Furious, Jae-jun storms over to Ye-sol’s school and without letting Teacher Chu speak. Jae-jun throws a punch at him repeatedly until loses consciousness.

Jae-jun gets arrested by the police for assault. However, since he’s not the children’s legal guardian, a lawyer seeks Do-young’s assistance to bail him out and to prosecute the person who took the upskirt photos, as the children’s parents.

After getting bailed out, Jae-jun confronts Do-young in front of the police station, shouting at him in anger. He even declares to be Ye-sol’s real father before punching Do-young in the face. But Do-young manages to defend himself by boxing Jae-jun until someone intervenes. Before leaving, Do-young urges Jae-jun to calm down and to never act like that again.

When Yeon-jin comes home, she discovers that her daughter is missing and screams at Do-young, demanding to know where Ye-sol is. Trying to remain calm and composed, Do-young stays silent at first, but eventually loses his patience.

“Do you want to know what happened? Your affair showed up at our child’s school and acted like Ye-sol’s father. Do you know how much Ye-sol is suffering because of you? But all you think about is yourself. Remember, Ye-sol is my child, even if we break up!” Do-young storms away furiously, leaving Yeon-jin sobbing on the ground.

The Glory Episode 12 Screenshots

You Shouldn’t have done this

Dong-eun’s mother has been falsely using her daughter’s name to extort money from the parents of other students. The issue escalates when it reaches the Parents Committee.

Dong-eun discovers that they are using the money earned from this scheme to purchase expensive bags and clothes.

In tears, Dong-eun confronts her mother, who tries to act as if nothing is wrong. “At least you shouldn’t have done this. No matter how bad a mother can be. You shouldn’t side with someone who’s destroying her own child’s life. How could you do this to me?” Dong-eun pleads.

Dong Eun then grabs a pair of scissors and cuts the bags and clothes her mother had just bought, still crying uncontrollably. In response, her mother grabs a coat hanger and strikes Dong Eun hard in the face, leaving a deep wound about an inch long with blood slowly trickling from her left cheekbone.

“I will never forgive you. The reason I won’t forgive you is that you still don’t understand that you were my first abuser,” Dong Eun says to her mother with tears in her eyes.

The pain caused by a mother’s actions is one of the most excruciating things in the world. The scars that cut the deepest are the ones caused by a mother’s abuse, as they penetrate the deepest parts of the heart.

Special Gift From Hell

Dong-eun has a surprise for Lee Sa-ra. She buys something special from the drug cartels. Lee Sa-ra is at the height of her addiction and is willing to sacrifice everything for just one more hit.

It’s Sunday and Lee Sa-ra’s father is preaching at the church. As usual, devoted worshippers fill the pews. But Lee Sa-ra can’t resist the temptation of Dong-eun’s special gift. She consumes drugs until they completely overwhelm her.

Kim Hi-eora

Lee Sa-ra is high on drugs and no better off than a stray dog on the street. She performs a masturbation gesture with a happy face. The churchgoers take pictures and videos of her as she stumbles around.

Ep 13 Thank You Mom

As the video goes viral, Lee Sa-ra is arrested for drug use by the police.

Jae-jun decides to cut ties with Yeon-jin and turns to Hye-jeong to become Ye-sol’s stepmother. Hye-jeong jumps at the chance, having always had a crush on Jae-jun since their school days. Most importantly, having Jae-jin is a victory over Yeon-jin.

Meanwhile, Dong-eun finds a stash of letters from the prison to Yeo-jeong in a drawer. She decides to open and read them. The letters contain a chilling narrative from the murderer who killed Yeo-Jeong’s father, describing in detail the various killings committed. “It kills for fun!!!”

Reading these letters helps Dong-eun understand the pain that Yeo-jeong has been carrying. When Yeo-jeong returns home, Dong-eun hugs him, hoping that the embrace will ease his pain.

Meanwhile, the police investigate Yeon-jin in connection with the Myung-oh case, causing her to panic. That night, she meets with Yong-jun, an old corrupt cop. He reveals the shocking truth that Myung-oh’s body has not yet been buried.

However, it seems that it’s already too late for Yeon-jin. The place where the body was stored has already been reserved, and Yeo-jeong has also kept fragments of Yeon-jin’s tissue from the filler injection. The following night, someone alerts the police about an unknown body that has been left behind. Is it Myung-oh’s corpse?

I’m Sorry Until the Day I Die

The following day, Dong-eun makes the tough decision to quit school. Before leaving, she approaches Ye-sol and apologizes. But the little girl doesn’t quite understand why her teacher is saying sorry. “I will apologize to you until the day I die. I feel guilty towards you. Goodbye,” Dong-eun says, overcome with remorse.

After her emotional farewell, Dong-eun heads to the rented apartment where her mother lives and asks her to move out since she’s dropping out of school like her mother wanted. But her mother, who’s drunk soju and eating grilled food, refuses to leave. “F–k you, you idiot! You’re kicking your own mother out of the house?” she slurs. She continues to hurl insults at Dong-eun, blaming her for all her problems, “It’s my fault I gave birth to you!”

Suddenly, the sound of a pan being knocked over startles Dong-eun, causing her to fall to the ground. Her mother sees her daughter collapsed on the floor and bursts into manic laughter. Dong-eun looks up at her mother, her eyes fill with pain, and says, “I will never forgive you. You still don’t know that you were the first one to hurt me.” Her mother continues to cackle as she announces that they’ll die together.

Dong-eun struggles to breathe but musters up the courage to crawl over to her mother’s leg and says, “Thank you, Mom. Nothing’s really changed.” She flashes a triumphant smile, knowing that all the events have been recorded by hidden surveillance cameras.

Ep 14 Does Revenge Make You Happy?

Dong-eun takes her mother to a psychiatric hospital. She smiles at her mother in gratitude for her consistent behavior, which has made Dong-eun feel no guilt. “I’m able to do this because I’m your daughter,” she says.

Upon learning that Myung-oh’s corpse has disappeared, Yong-jun’s face turns furious. As a lifelong cop, he knows that trouble is coming. He quickly announces the sale of various properties and gathers cash in preparation to flee.

Meanwhile, Yeon-jin’s mother develops a crush on her after being hit by Kang Hyun-nam’s husband. He blackmails Yeon-jin’s mom by claiming Yeon-jin is the murderer of Yoon So-hee and Myung-oh. So Yeon-jin’s mom comes up with a plan to silence him by staging a car crash as an accident.

Feeling desperate, Yeon-jin asks Jae-jun to be her alibi and confirm that she was with him when Myung-oh was murdered. Jae-jun recalls witnessing Yeon-jin in the Yoon So-hee case and agrees.

Jae-jun then takes the Myung-oh case to a lawyer and realizes that Yeon-jin is unlikely to survive this case. He decides to cut ties with her and gives evidence of her wrongdoing to Do-young in an attempt to force him to divorce Yeon-jin.

Does Revenge Make You Happy?

Suspicious, Do-young meets with Dong-eun to ask about Yoon So-hee. Dong-eun provides some clues for him to investigate and he asks her: “When your revenge is successful, will you be happy?”

Dong Eun replies coldly, “I hope so.”

After consulting with a legal advisor and reviewing the evidence, Do-young decides to cut ties with Yeon-jin as well. He instructs his men to arrange for accommodations in a small town in Ireland where he can send Ye-sol.

Ep 15 Ruin

Do-young presents Yeon-jin with a final offer: apologize to the victim’s relatives and accept the punishment imposed by law or end it all here. Yeon-jin remains arrogant, holding a cigarette in her hand. “Since you met Moon Dong-eun,” she says, “there’s no such thing as us anymore.”

News of Yeon-jin’s breakup with her husband spreads like wildfire on the internet. Lee Sa-ra is beside herself and wants to win back Yeon-jin. She digs up an old cell phone clip from 18 years ago where Yeon-jin can be heard bullying Yoon So-hee and swearing that she wants to kill her. The clip going viral pressures Yeon-jin to resign as a weather anchor.

Later on, Yeon-jin holds a press conference in front of the nation. She admits to having been a bully during her school days but denies any murder charges. She states that Yoon So-hee committed suicide due to an unwanted pregnancy (which Yeo-jeong later believes was Jae-jun’s child and not Myung-oh’s as Dong-eun had always thought).

The Glory Episode 15 Recap: Ruin - Kdrama


At Myung-oh’s funeral, Lee Sa-ra and Hye-jeong get into an argument. Lee Sa-ra knows the truth: Hye-jeong is a scandalmonger and this causes her to quarrel with Yeon-jin. Then Lee Sa-ra grabs a pencil and stabs into Hye-jeong’s neck. The blood gushes out non-stop.

The police arrest Lee Sa-ra for assault, as she is responsible for the violent attack. Additionally, they arrest her father, a pastor, for evading taxes worth tens of millions of won over the last two decades.

Hye-jeong has been stabbed in the neck and her vocal cords have been damaged. She can no longer speak as she once did.

Ep 16 Never Know the Truth (Finale)

Following Hye-jeong’s loss of voice, Jae-jun ends their relationship. Dong-eun offers Hye-jung a way to get revenge on Jae-jun. She tells her that Jae-jun has glaucoma and has to instill intraocular pressure every day. Dong-eun hands Hye-jeong a bottle of alcohol, saying, “If the drug is contaminated with alcohol, Jae-jun will become blind forever.”

Hye-jeong leaves the hospital and goes to see Jae-jun, claiming that she needs to collect some things. Meanwhile, she secretly injects alcohol into Jae-jun’s eye drops.

The following day, as Jae-jun was driving, his vision became so blurry that he couldn’t see anything. Just then, a speeding truck collided with his car with great force.

Meanwhile, Yong-jun attempted to flee but was killed by his own subordinates.

Yeon-jin is arrested for Myung-oh’s murder, based on DNA evidence found under Myung-oh’s nails. However, it was later revealed that Yeo-jeong fabricated the evidence. Meanwhile, the police arrest Yeon-jin’s mother for the murder of Kang Hyun-nam’s husband.

While in prison, Dong-eun visits Yeon-jin and tells her, “I’ll make sure you suffer in this hell forever without ever knowing the truth.” These words drive Yeon-jin to the brink of insanity.

What is the Truth?

It is revealed that the true killer of Myung-oh is Kyung-ran, who had been sexually abused by him in high school. After Yeon-jin discovers Myung-oh’s body and freaks out, Kyung-ran emerges from hiding and hits Myung-oh with a bottle of liquor in a fit of resentment.

Meanwhile, Dong-eun seeks revenge by framing Yeon-jin for the murder and causing her to be imprisoned. In prison, Dong-eun taunts Yeon-jin by telling her that she will never know the truth and will be trapped in her own personal hell.

Song Hye-Kyo

After successfully executing his revenge, Dong-eun decides to end her own life by jumping off a building. However, just before she lets herself hit the ground below, Yeo-jeong’s mother appears like a miracle. She asks Dong-eun to live on and help Yeo-jeong escape from the hell created by the beast killer who killed his father.

In the End

The story had a series of tragic events:

  1. The class teacher was killed by his own son.
  2. Myung-oh’s death was a tragedy.
  3. Yong-jun was killed by his subordinates.
  4. Lee Sa-ra was arrested for assaulting Hye-jeong, while her father was arrested for tax evasion.
  5. Hye-jeong suffered hearing impairment.
  6. Jae-jun was blinded and fell off a building, ultimately leading to his death.
  7. Yeon-jin lost her mind in prison for the murder of Myung-oh, while her mother was arrested for husband Kang Hyeon-nam’s murder.
  8. Yoon So-hee’s case couldn’t convict anyone due to the lack of evidence, and her unborn child was the result of sexual abuse by Jae-jun.
  9. The true murderer of Myung-oh was not Yeon-jin, but Kyung-ran, who had been bullied, just like Dong-eun.
Lim Ji-yeon in The Glory Episode 16 Finale

Six months later…

Do-young hands Yeon-jin divorce papers as he and Ye-sol have happily relocated to England, leaving their problems in Korea behind. However, Yeon-jin has lost her sanity and reports the weather to fellow prisoners in the dormitory, tears streaming down her face after each report.

Lee Do-Hyun kisses Song Hye-Kyo in The Glory Episode 16 Finale

Meanwhile, Dong-eun reunites with Yeo-jeong and secretly plots her revenge against Yeo-jeong. “I will be your executioner now. I’ll make the moves for you,” Dong-eun declares before kissing Yeo-jeong.

The scene then shifts to the prison, where Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong enter as officers and volunteer doctors. The psychopathic killer who murdered Yeo-jung’s father looks on with fear as the two women begin a new cycle of revenge.

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