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The Glory Part 1 Episode 8: Finale - Kdrama Recap

The Glory Episode 8 Recap: Twenty Years Like Yesterday – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 8 recap: Do-yeong meets with Choi Hye-jeong to find out more about his wife — and her past. Yeon-jin digs into Dong-eun’s private life.

Dong-eun faces Jae-jun at school. At first glance, she remembers the image of him bullying her when they were in 5th grade. At that time, he forced her to stand in the rain and look up, while making derogatory comments. Dong-eun tries to control her embarrassment and anger. But her hand still involuntarily hit Jae-jun’s face strongly.

He grabs Dong-eun’s arm and warns “Don’t mess with Jae-sol.”

Dong-eun glared at Jae-jun, warning him “Let me warn you as well. Don’t help Yeon-jin in any way. If you really want Ye-sol, then I’m your ally.” She finished speaking and quickly walked away.

At the same time, Do-young meets with Hye-jeong to ask about Yeon-jin’s past relationship with Dong-eun. Hye-jeong reveals that Yeon-jin had once been violent towards Dong-eun during their high school days. The violence was severe enough that Dong-eun had to leave school. Hye-jeong advises Do-young to ask Yeon-jin for more details himself.

The Secret

Later, Dong-eun appears in front of Hye-jeong. When Hye-jeong sees Dong-eun, she begs Dong-eun not to ruin her wedding. From then on, Hye-jeong promises to obey all commands. Dong-eun then orders her to report the matter of Myeong-o’s disappearance.

When Do-young returns home, he asks Yeon-jin for the truth. At this point, Yeon-jin asks her husband to trust her. Because everyone has secrets that they don’t want others to know. And she would do everything to make sure no one finds out, especially her daughter.

“So don’t try to open a box that should stay closed up. I love you so much. I don’t want you to find out about this.”

A few days later, Yeon-jin receives information from her mother’s police chief friend that Dong-eun is renting an apartment in front of her house. That night, Yeon-jin hires someone to break in and illegally enter Dong-eun’s room. The pictures and evidence left on the wall make Yeon-jin’s gaze linger. After a moment, she picks up a cigarette and mutters to herself, “I slipped up. I really shouldn’t have bullied that bitch [Dong-eun]. I should have just killed her back then.”

On the same night, Do-young calls and makes an appointment to meet Dong-eun at a GO playing field. Dong-eun admits that she approached him on purpose. And tells him everything he wants to know, including the apartment she is renting, which is in front of Yeon-jin’s house.

Do-young arrives at Dong-eun’s apartment and finds Yeon-jin in the room. Both stand facing each other.

Yeo-jeong goes into the mortuary room to look at the body of a young girl who died over twenty years ago. Dong-eun stated Yeon-jin pushed off the building. But when Yeo-jeong looks in the storage unit, it’s empty. Meanwhile, Dong-eun goes to Yeon-jin’s house and takes a piece of GO and places it on a board.

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