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Trolley Episode 11: The Nightmare - Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 11: The Nightmare – Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 11 recap: Nam Joong-do wants to use Hye-joo’s past as a political tool, but she strongly resists. Meanwhile, Ji-hoon’s dark secrets are revealed.

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Nam Joong-do tells Hye-joo that he has made the decision to reveal her past to journalists. Reasoning that if the opposing political party were to uncover it first, the consequences would be much worse. However, for Hye-joo, the situation is not so simple. She has been carrying the burden of keeping a secret for twenty years and it is not a story she wants to easily reveal.

Nam Joong-do knows that his decision will affect his wife’s feelings. But he still chooses to do it because it will maintain his good political image in the eyes of the public, and ultimately lead to victory in the upcoming election.

Trolley Episode 11 screenshots Kdrama

Later, Hye-joo meets Ki-young to thank him for helping her husband expose the Youngsan land speculation. At that moment, Seung-hee’s mother comes and hears the conversation, realizing that Ki-young stabs her in the back. The mother becomes emotional and cries out, “Mark my words.I won’t let you two get away with this.”

Seung Hee’s mother drove away angrily and had an accident not far from leaving. Despite this, she was safe after being taken to the hospital. Currently, she is unconscious but stable.

Trolley Episode 11 screenshots

Seung Hee’s mother finds out that Hyaeju is Nam Joong-do’s wife. This forces Nam Joong-do to beg Hye-joo to reveal her past sexual harassment case on TV. But Hye-joo refuses.

Meanwhile, as the two are arguing, Hye-joo’s daughter comes in and convinces her mother to go on TV and courageously tell her past sexual harassment story to propose a bill in the parliament. Hye-joo’s heart begins to soften.

Trolley Episode 11: The Nightmare - Kdrama Recap

The next day, Hye-joo receives a call from Nam Joong-do, who informs her of the news that has shocked her: “Ji-hoon committed sexual assault. So I’ll be holding a press conference soon.”

The flashback then shows that Soo-bin report Ji-hoon for sexual assault at the police station.

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