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Trolley Episode 12: The Reality - Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 12: The Reality – Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 12 recap: Nam Joong-do is making a big decision without consulting Hye-joo. He is announcing to the nation about Ji-hoon’s scandalous behavior. Later, Soo-bin is revealing some truth to Hye-joo.

Trolley Episode 12: The Reality - Kdrama Recap

Nam Joong-do calls Hye-joo and tells her that he will hold a press conference in an hour. Then he quickly hangs up. Hye-joo tries to call him back but Nam Joong-do does not answer. She rushes to his office, but it seems like it’s too late.

Rep. Nam Joong-do publicly addresses the nation’s media and citizens, admitting that his son is the sexual assault perpetrator who violated a female friend they were both dating at the time. Afterwards, the honorable representative announces that he will draft a legislative amendment to ensure that the investigation will continue, even if the offender passes away or commits suicide.

Trolley Episode 12 Kdrama Recap

When Nam Joong-do meets Hye-joo back at the office, he sees her crying. He apologizes and says, “She [Soo-bin] was here this morning and threatened to reveal everything.”

Hye-joo is confused. She had asked Soo-bin since the day she first came to live at the house, but Soo-bin replied that there was no violation of any kind. However, when Hye-joo discovers that Soo-bin blackmailed Nam Joong-do in order to obtain 50 million won to find a place for herself, it only intensifies her negative feelings.

However, Hye-joo perceives that what Nam Joong-do did was to exploit the death of his son to gain public support for the law he proposed. He is using the tragedy of the son for political gain. Politics that plays with people’s beliefs and thoughts is not suitable for someone like Hye-joo. Politics that relies on manipulation of people’s thoughts.

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The truth lies buried in beliefs

Later on, Hye-joo coincidentally meets Soo-bin and she went to ask for the truth. Soo-bin also tells her the same thing as before. That she was not sexually assaulted by Ji-hoon and she never went to blackmail Nam Joong-do. “I really didn’t blackmail him. I wouldn’t ever stoop that low.”

And before Soo-bin leaves. She reveals a heart-wrenching truth that shatters Hye-joo’s beliefs completely. “Mr. Nam was the last person Ji-hoon met.”

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That night at home… Hye-joo asked Nam Joong-do about what she heard from Soo-bin. However, he confirms that Soo-bin was lying.

Trolley Ep 12

The next day, Nam Joong-do is talking to Woo-jae who is worried that Hye-joo will find out the truth. The truth being that Nam Joong-do has been planning everything for political gain. But the respected representative responds to his trusted assistant, “My wife never doubts me.”

Afterwards, Nam Joong-do orders Woo-jae to handle the exposure of Seung-hee and ends with a confidently sinister remark, “There’s no way to prove the truth anyway. Which means whoever wins the public’s support will be the one telling the truth.”

False allegations of sexual assault

Then the flash-back reveals the truth. In the past, the opposing political party used a recording of an obstetrician claiming that Soo-bin had come to ask for an abortion because she claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Ji-hoon. And so, the opposing politician made a deal with Nam Joong-do to stop exploiting profits from the land.

Later, Nam Joong-do met with Soo-bin to ask for the truth. Soo-bin answered that she was not sexually assaulted by Ji-hoon. But she had to say it because she needed a reason to ask for an abortion. And the child in her womb was not Ji-hoon’s but her ex-boyfriend’s. Then Nam Joong-do gave a lump sum of money to Soo-bin to rent a house.

That means the story of Ji-hoon sexually assaulting Soo-bin is a fabrication made up by Nam Joong-do for political gain and is completely untrue, not even a bit of it!!!

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