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Trolley Episode 13: Infidelity - Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 13: Infidelity – Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 13 recap: Hye-joo asks Nam Joong-do for the truth. But it turns out Hye-joo is being pressured when Seung-hee comes out and reveals the bitter past twenty years ago…

Trolley Episode 13

Hye-joo finally finds out for sure that Nam Joong-do did not attend the funeral on the night before Ji-hoon died, contrary to what he told her. If not, then who did the husband she trusted secretly meet with? Or did he really meet with Ji-hoon as Soo-bin claimed?

When Hye-joo arrives home, she asks Nam Joong-do about that night. He denies meeting Ji-hoon, but evasively avoids telling her who he did meet with.

Meanwhile, Seung-hee posts about the blackmail scandal of Hye-joo that happened twenty years ago on the internet, causing it to quickly become a viral topic of discussion.

Nam Joong-do takes advantage of the situation and persuades Hye-joo to go on TV to tell the truth. He suggests, “Since the case was never properly investigated, It’ll be up to the court of public opinion. The public will decide who is telling the truth.” But Hye-joo refuses and says something that Nam Joong-do didn’t expect to hear, “I’ll sleep in another room tonight.”

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Hye-joo wakes up with a start, disturbed to find that a YouTuber has been waiting outside her house. She has to hide and escape to the other side of the house.

Worse still, the teenage daughter suspects her mother of lying, despite Hye-joo revealing the truth about being sexually assaulted. It seems that it contradicts the daughter’s belief that her mother fabricated the story for financial gain, causing the young man to take his own life. This drives Hye-joo to ultimately choose to go on TV to reveal the whole truth.

Nam Joong-do receives a call from Hye-joo, who has decided to go on TV. He orders Woo-jae to arrange for a reporter to go on the show tomorrow. However, Woo-jae warns that this action will lead to Hye-joo being criticized and suffering more than before. But Nam Joong-do still says, “I have no choice. For the greater good.”

On the same day, Hye-joo receives a call from the obstetrician who is in charge of Soo-bin’s care. Hye-joo rushes to the hospital immediately. When she arrives, the doctor reveals Soo-bin’s treatment information to Hye-joo. The doctor specifies that Soo-bin has had a miscarriage, and that she was pregnant when Ji-hoon was in prison. That means the baby in Soo-bin’s womb is not Ji-hoon’s. The doctor concludes that Ji-hoon did not sexually assault Soo-bin.

Trolley Episode 13 Recap

The various truths that Hye-joo receives make her feel unsure of whom to trust, as she truly does not believe anyone.

That night, Hye-joo asks Nam Joong-do again, “Are you really not going to tell me who you met that night?” He stays silent and then answers with a tear in his eyes that he had met Ji-hoon and he felt sad about it. which had made Nam Joong-do feel very uncomfortable and he had unintentionally let out some harsh words. Hye-joo then tightly hugs her husband.

Trolley Episode 13: Infidelity - Kdrama Recap

While Hye-joo is sleeping, a heavy rain starts to fall. She quickly gets up to go to the book repair store to adjust the dehumidifier machine. When she comes out of the store, Soo-bin is waiting for her holding an umbrella and tells her that he has something important to say.

“Your husband [Nam Joong-do] and a lady from the noodle shop [Yeo-jin] are having an affair.” Su-bin speaks in a low voice, but it still makes Hye-joo tremble all over. “Ji-hoon and I saw everything at your house. It was that your husband might have killed Ji-hoon.”

“What! Have you gone crazy?” Hye-joo scolds back, but is immediately rebuffed.

Soo-bin’s voice became louder, while tears began to well up in her eyes. “Ji-hoon told me he was going to confront his dad about the affair that day. And he died right after that. That’s why I think he [Nam Joong-do] might have killed Ji-hoon.”

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