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Trolley Episode 14: Denial - Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 14: Denial – Kdrama Recap

Trolley Episode 14 recap: Hye-joo begins questioning everything around her after hearing a shocking revelation from Soo-bin. Nam Joong-do learns the truth behind his son’s death.

Soo-bin tells the truth about everything that happened… At that time, she wanted to end her relationship with her former boyfriend who was a drug dealer. So, she went to Ji-hoon to ask for a place to hide. Ji-hoon then decided to seek help from Hye-joo. When he arrived at Hye-joo’s house, he saw Nam Joong-do with a woman [Yeo-jin]. This brought back memories from five years ago when he woke up in the middle of the night and saw his father doing something with that same woman. Hye-joo considered her as a true elder sister.

And then Ji-hoon goes to find Nam Joong-do, to ask him to stop that affair with that woman. Otherwise, he will reveal the embarrassing story to the entire country.

But it turns out that night was Ji-hoon’s last night… Before he died, he called Soo-bin, which made her confident by 100% that he didn’t kill himself. And that it may have been Nam Joong-do who was the killer?

Is it possible that the father killed his own son!?

Soo-bin tells Hye-joo that she believes that Nam Joong-do is capable of anything to gain political advantage. Even if it means putting his own son in danger and potentially killing him for the same purpose. Despite how difficult it is to believe, she still thinks so.

Hye-joo returns home with a blank expression, but deep sadness in her eyes. She asks Nam Joong-do about relationship with Yeo-jin, but he denies it. However, the truth is Yeo-jin walks in and confesses to Hye-joo, “Yes, there is something going on.”

The following day. Nam Joong-do asks his assistant, Woo-jae, about what happened on the night of Ji-hoon’s death. Woo-jae then sends a clip recorded from the car’s dash cam. The footage shows Woo-jae catching Ji-hoon with drugs (meth) and instructing him to throw it into the Han River. However, when Woo-jae walked back to the car, Ji-hoon walked into the Han River, leading to his tragic death.

In the live broadcast, Nam Joong-do and Hye-joo are sitting in front of the camera. Hye-joo talks about being sexually assaulted twenty years ago, but the person responsible for the crime committed suicide before an investigation could take place. Nam Joong-do, who played the role of her husband, showed his support and comforted her with his body language.

While a flashback reveals Yeo-jin’s past conversation with Woo-jae in which she says, “Five years ago, I was sexually assaulted by Mr. Nam Joong-do.” !!

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