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Our Blooming Youth Episode 2: Trickery of Human - Kdrama Recap

Our Blooming Youth Episode 2: Trickery of Human – Kdrama Recap

Our Blooming Youth Episode 2 recap: The Crown Prince is in an unbelievable situation, as Jae-yi knows the letter from the ghost…

As the Crown Prince sees the ghostly apparition in front of him, his mind races with confusion. Then, the mysterious arrow rushes forward to the Crown Prince’s body. Luckily, he had Han Sung-on (Yun Jong-seok), his closest confidant, to help. By pushing the Crown Prince’s body away from the arrow path.

Meanwhile, Jae-yi, who is secretly watching everything, becomes afraid and runs away. However, her escape makes the Crown Prince aware and chase after her. Eventually, he is able to catch her, but she immediately refuses that she is not the one who shot the arrow. Then, she reveals her identity and confirms that she was not a murderer who killed her own family.

The Crown Prince still does not believe. So he orders the royal guard to take Jae-yi for questioning. The Crown Prince keeps Jae-yi’s status a secret, even though Sung-on is her fiancé. Sung-on and Jae-yi had never met face-to-face before, they only saw each other through drawings.


The Crown Prince can hunt many animals, which amazes the court officials. His right arm has the ability to use it. At the hunting ceremony, the Crown Prince writes a celebratory letter on the prepared paper.

As the Crown Prince is writing a celebratory letter with his right hand, blood starts to flow from it, causing alarm among the court officials. However, upon inspection, no wounds or even the slightest injury on his hand, leading some of the court officials to exclaim that it must be the work of ghostly magic!!?

Despite this, the Crown Prince believed it might have been the result of a joke played by someone in the court officials to cause him embarrassment. But is this truly the case? A search was ordered by the Crown Prince and no abnormalities were discovered among the soldiers. Or could it have actually been the handiwork of a ghostly entity?

A Human Behind the Ghost

The royal guard takes Jae-yi away to another location. However, when the Crown Prince returned to the palace, he couldn’t stop thinking about Jae-yi. He is curious why she came to see him instead of her fiance, Sung-on. So, the Crown Prince decided to see Jae-yi.

Jae-yi tells the Crown Prince about the secret letter that the father received before his death. It was a letter written with the same text as the one the Crown Prince received. It was a letter specified as a letter from the ghost. Then, she also recites the message written in the letter. Is it true that it is the same message as the letter the Crown Prince received three years ago!?

“You may have ascended to the throne by killing your brother, but you will never truly be king. Even if you have power, you won’t be able to…” Jae-yi can’t finish her sentence. the Crown Prince chokes her with anger, telling that he did not kill his older brother to seize the throne. During this, the Crown Prince’s eyes wells up with tears, a sign that he is finally releasing the long-stored emotions and the hurt from being accused of killing his own older brother.

Jae-yi confirms that she is not a murderer of her own family and asks the Crown Prince to release her to find evidence to prove her innocence. She firmly states that she is the one who is innocent. She insists strongly that what the Crown Prince encountered was a trick.

“There are no such things as ghosts. But there are trickery of humans which are scarier than ghosts. It wasn’t the doing of a ghost, Your Highness.” Jae-yi convinces the Crown Prince to put his trust in her and she will prove to him the truth behind the mysterious events. She then explains that the water used to clean before writing wishes in the royal hunting ceremony was not just plain water, but a mixture of bryophytes and alum. This caused the water to turn red, resembling blood. This was not the work of ghosts, but rather the result of a person who knows the process of writing wishes and has access to the brushes.

The following day, the Crown Prince presents the information he learned from Jae-yi to His Majesty in the Throne Hall. He explains that when alum is added to the water used for hand washing, it can produce a red hue similar to blood. His Majesty orders for the immediate search and punishment of the person responsible for the act.

The Letter From the Ghost

The Crown Prince visits Jae Yi and asks her to prove her innocence on her own, as he did not want to be linked to anyone accused of murder.

So Jae-yi is angry upon hearing the crown prince’s refusal to help, and she furiously curses him with vulgar language, saying “You damn jerk! You’ll never become a wise king. You are a real jerk!”

The Crown Prince is shocked to hear such words. No one has ever dared to speak to him in this manner. Despite this, he allows the girl to continue speaking.

“I am your master’s daughter and your master died because of you. It’s all because of you! My family died because of you! It’s your fault!” Jae-yi’s tears are streaming down her face continuously. She threatens that if the Crown Prince does not help, she will give up and reveal the truth about the letter from the ghost that he received. The Crown Prince quickly rushes over and covers her mouth with his hand upon hearing this.

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