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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1: A Single Father's Missing Son - Recap

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1: A Single Father’s Missing Son – Recap

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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1 recap: Do-gi continues to pursue justice. And heads to a foreign country to assist a father in search of missing son.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1 - Kdrama Recap

The story begins with Kim Do-gi (played by Lee Je-hoon), a young man with long hair, serving time in Gucheon Prison. In his stint in solitary confinement. He dedicates himself to intense exercise, honing his muscles to a six-pack. Just then, his guards call him to join three other inmates and board a prisoner transport vehicle headed to the courthouse.

As Do-gi boards the prisoner transport vehicle. He finds himself in the company of three other inmates. All of whom have been convicted of sex offenses that tragically led some of their victims to take their own lives. The trio created and sold pornographic videos online. Which eventually led to their arrest and imprisonment. Shockingly, despite the severity of their crimes, the three are scheduled for release following their upcoming court appearance that day.

As the prisoner transport vehicle makes its way through a wide, empty path, the car suddenly overturns. Do-gi quickly tosses the keys to the trio and urges them to hurry and escape. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get away!” Then Do-gi takes a VIP taxi to pick up the three inmates. While in the car, they grab some energy drinks, but soon the effects wear off.

Hours pass until late at night, and the trio suddenly awaken to find themselves in an abandoned warehouse. In the foreground, a TV blares the news of their prison escape while police mobilize to hunt them down. It doesn’t take long before the S.W.A.T. team arrives on the scene.

These sex offenders used every gap in the law to try to escape justice. They almost succeeded in getting out of prison. But in the end, they had to face the consequences of their actions when they broke out of jail and assaulted an officer. As a result, they received the highest penalty of life imprisonment.

Rainbow Taxi Team - Pyo Ye-jin - Bae Yoo-ram - Jang Hyuk-jin - Kin Eui-Sung

Flashback to Two Years Ago

At that time, the police raided Rainbow Taxi and arrested Jang Sung-cheol (played by Kim Eui-sung), who confessed to his involvement. As a result, the rest of the team had to go their separate ways to pursue their own dreams and rebuild their lives.
Ahn Go-eun (played by Pyo Ye-jin) works as a clerical police officer, but her day-to-day life is mundane and uneventful.
One day, she sees a desperate man searching for his child, but she is unable to help due to restrictions set by her boss. As an information officer, she is forbidden from taking actions beyond her official duties, as it would be a violation of police regulations.
Park Jin-eon (played by Bae Yoo-ram) is an aerospace engineer who designs and builds spaceships for outer space missions, while Choi Kyung-goo (played by Jang Hyuk-jin) is a wealthy chief mechanic. Kim Do-gi is the only one who remains with Sung-cheol at Rainbow Taxi.

Despite the passage of time, Sung-cheol continues to spend his nights placing cards and stickers around the city that read “Don’t die, take revenge, Rainbow Taxi” at various spots that are known to be suicide locations.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1 screenshots

A Single Father’s Missing Son

One night, a man on the verge of jumping off a bridge spots a business card and contacts Rainbow Taxi for help. Do-gi arrives in the same black VIP cab to pick up the man. During the ride, the man shares his story with Do-gi.

He was a single father who lost his wife in an accident when their son was still young. To support his family, he opened a small fried chicken shop. Things were going well until the landlord decided to evict him. That’s when his son, pretending to be an exchange student, went to Vietnam to work and sent back money to cover the rent. But soon after, the son disappeared without a trace.

The father reported his son missing. But the police claimed they couldn’t help him as the son was over 18 and had the right to disappear if he wanted to. Desperate, the father printed missing person notices and distributed them all over town, hoping to find his son before it’s too late.

Upon initial inspection, Do-gi and Jang Sung-Cheol agree to take on the case. Do-gi begins his investigation by sending resumes to suspicious recruitment firms. Everything goes according to plan. And Do-gi is soon contacted and sent to work in Vietnam.

Lee Je-hoon in Taxi Driver 2 Ep 1

Once Do-gi arrives in Vietnam. He is taken out of town and forced to cover his head with a black bag. He is then taken to a place that looks like Silicon Valley, But unlike the real Silicon Valley. It’s more like Silicon Valley in Hell. Here, everyone is forced to code online gambling sites in any form. Those who refuse or can’t do it are severely beaten.

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