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Our Blooming Youth Episode 3: The Most Dangerous King - Recap

Our Blooming Youth Episode 3: The Most Dangerous King – Recap

Our Blooming Youth Episode 3 recap: The Crown Prince tells Jae-yi to come find him in the East Palace one her own. To get there, she turns herself into a eunuch.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 3 Kdrama Recap

The crown prince promises to help Jae Yi and orders her to come to the East Palace herself.

Jae-yi proclaims herself to be the new eunuch of the Eastern Palace and dons the appropriate attire. However, she finds herself lost in the sprawling palace grounds. Fortunately, she bumps into Princess Ha-yeon, sister of Crown Prince Hwan, who is en route to meet him. Jae-yi implores to follow along, and the friendly Princess Ha-yeon grants her wish. As they journey together, Princess Ha-yeon kindly asks Jae-yi to take good care of the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince is taken aback when Jae-yi appears before him disguised as a eunuch. Princess Ha-yeon curiously inquires about Jae-yi’s name, leaving her momentarily stunned. However, the Crown Prince interjects with the name “Go Soon-dol”. Jae-yi makes a playful face. She silently chastises herself for forgetting a name. And Princess Ha-yeon chuckles in amusement.

After Princess Ha-yeon departs. Jae-yi confides in the Crown Prince that she wishes to cleanse herself of any wrongdoing so her family can rest in peace. Additionally, she hopes to regain her dignity and reunite with her fiancé. Jae-yi appeals to the Crown Prince to trust her, reminding him of her father’s dying wish: “You must protect the Crown Prince as if your life depends on it.” Furthermore, Jae-yi believes that the person who sent the ghostly letter and the one responsible for her family’s death is one and the same. And she is determined to uncover their identity.

The Crown Prince makes the decision to give Jae-yi a chance to prove herself by assigning her a critical task: to solve a high-profile murder case within the next ten days.

Joen So-nee

During this time, a flashback shows Jae-yi, who would often dress as a man and investigate cases that she deemed unjust. One night, father caught her, and she explained her actions, stating, “People only listen to men. If I dressed as a woman, do you think anyone would take me seriously?”

What many don’t know is that Jae-yi is the mastermind behind solving numerous significant cases in Joseon. Yet her brother is the one often credited with solving them. Being a woman, her identity could not be revealed.

Yun Jong-seok

The Most Dangerous King

Han Sung-on manages to gather some evidence regarding the blood on the royal hunting prayers paper. And takes it to his father, the Left State Councilor, for guidance. However, the answer he receives from his father leaves Han Sung-on in a state of shock.

“The Crown Prince has the capacity to become the most dangerous king. He’s smart but arrogant. And lacking trust in his courtier. Can you not see it? The Crown Prince doesn’t trust you, even though you are a close friend.”

Han Sung-on comprehends his father’s message. The king’s distrust of those around him can result in disastrous consequences. Nevertheless, Han Sung-on remains optimistic, convinced that he can eventually earn the Crown Prince’s trust.

Never Let Anyone See Weakness

As night falls, the Crown Prince orders Tae-kang, his private royal bodyguard, to take Eunuch Jae-yi to the secret basement. However, due to their past quarrel, Tae-kang becomes furious and grips Jae-yi’s neck tightly, threatening to cut his throat with a sword if he does anything suspicious.

When Tae-kang questions the Crown Prince’s trust in Eunuch Jae-yi to go to the basement. The Crown Prince responds, “I believe he will be useful in the future.”

That evening, Jae-yi discovers the Crown Prince’s various belongings in the secret basement, revealing to her his routine of practicing physical therapy. The Crown Prince exercises his right hand to perform various activities in this secret room, such as writing and practicing archery, to avoid exposing his weaknesses to others. He practices relentlessly, for hundreds and thousands of rounds, until his right arm functions normally again. Jae-yi is thoroughly impressed by the Crown Prince’s unwavering strength.

On the first morning of her duty, Jae-yi is already running late. The flustered eunuch quickly dresses up and rushes to the East Palace. This time, she doesn’t get lost because she already knows that the East Palace is on the way to the sunrise. However, upon arriving, Jae-yi’s forgetfulness in not wearing her socks shocks the other eunuchs. Another eunuch lends her a pair of socks so she can enter the Crown Prince’s presence.

As Eunuch Jae-yi is serving the Crown Prince. She inquires about the name “Go Soon-dol”. The Crown Prince responds, “He is 22 years old and from Onyang. Tiger bit His father when he was three years old. His mother died of the plague when he was four. He was a eunuch who disappeared during last year’s flood.”

Joen So-nee and Park Hyung-sik

Upon hearing the answer, Jae-yi pleases greatly that the crown prince can accurately remember Go Soon-dol’s name and profile from a single record.

At that moment, the Crown Prince stares unblinkingly at Jae-yi. He remembers meeting her when he was a child, and she remembers him too.

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