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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 2: Back in Business - Kdrama Recap

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 2: Back in Business – Kdrama Recap

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 2 recap: Despite the disbandment of Rainbow Taxi. Do-gi and Sung-Cheol secretly help out a father who is searching for his missing son. Do-gi sets off abroad to a foreign country to accomplish a mission.

Lee Je-hoon Pyo Ye-jin Kim Eui-seong

Back in Business

Meanwhile, Do-gi finds himself in a perilous situation in Vietnam. Jang Sung-cheol’s poor computer skills leave him unable to assist Do-gi in any way.

At the same time, Go-eun uncovers the fact that Jang Sung-cheol and Do-gi have reopened Rainbow Taxi to seek revenge for their customers. And decides to leave her job as a police officer to rejoin their team.

Soon after, Go-eun manages to establish contact with Do-gi, who informs her that a group of criminals are trying to create an illegal online gambling program. They are tricking computer engineering students in Vietnam to develop it, as it’s prohibited in Korea.

Lee Je-hoon - Taxi Driver 2

Despite the risks involved, Do-gi has a plan to take down these nefarious individuals. He asks Go-eun to send him a simulation program of an online gambling website that will convince them to trust him.

Lee Je-hoon

That night, Do-gi hatches a plan to extract information on Lee Dong-jae’s whereabouts. He seizes a taxi from a deceitful Vietnamese driver who has tampered with the passenger meter. Do-gi obtains information from an illegal guide regarding the whereabouts of Lee Dong-jae, the missing son of a single father. He discovers that the kidnappers have been divided into multiple teams, with each team unaware of the others’ location.

As Do-gi drives, he racks his brains on how to find Lee Dong-jae. By a stroke of luck, he bumps into two old colleagues, Jin-eon and Kyung-goo, who have been starving for a day. They narrate the story of how they came to Vietnam to investigate missing person cases and ended up in Chinatown after running into an nemesis, Mrs. Im. However, they abandoned all their luggage and belongings when they bumped into Do-gi by chance.

The mention of Mrs. Im triggers a memory in Do-gi, and he hatches a plan to find Lee Dong-jae. (Mrs. Im is a woman who was in love with Do-gi. But was betrayed by him in Taxi Driver Season 1 Episode 10. She has harbored a grudge against Do-gi since then.)

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 2

From Love to Hatred

Do-gi makes an appearance in Chinatown to confront Mrs. Im, but he swiftly hops into a taxi and drives away. Mrs. Im’s subordinates give chase, but they lose him in the end. However, Mrs. Im’s henchmen soon discover the hideout where the nefarious kidnappers are holding Do-gi.

The sudden attack by unknown assailants throws the kidnappers into disarray, and they scramble to gather all their teams at the gang leader’s office. Meanwhile, Mrs. Im misses yet another chance to capture Do-gi.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 2: Back in Business - Kdrama Recap

Do-gi and the other captives are taken to the gang leader’s office. Do-gi witnesses Lee Dong-jae’s face and body being severely beaten. After some time, the gang leader finally appears.

Go-eun is monitoring the scene through the camera on Do-gi’s smart glasses, and notices something peculiar. She recognizes the gang leader as a Korean police officer who used to be her boss! In shock, she immediately informs Do-gi of her discovery.

At that moment, Jin-eon and Kyung-goo cleverly disguise themselves as Vietnamese police officers and apprehend all the criminals. A sniper takes down the gang leader, who is a corrupt cop. Who fired the shot from afar?

Taxi Driver 2 Ep 2 Recap screenshots

The Rainbow Taxi team successfully dismantles the international online gambling syndicates and arrests all of its members, resulting in Lee Dong-jae finally reuniting with his father. Thus, the team accomplishes its mission.

In the end, all five members of the Rainbow Taxi team gather together at their secret underground base reaffirming their commitment to fight injustice and stand up to those who exploit legal loopholes for their own gain.

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