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Our Blooming Youth Episode 5: The Four Phases of Life - Recap

Our Blooming Youth Episode 5: The Four Phases of Life – Recap

Our Blooming Youth Episode 5 recap: Jae-yi proves herself by solving the case and the Crown Prince starts to trust that she is innocent.

Jae-yi visits Myeong-jin again and invites him to solve the case together. They both agree that the first thing they should do is to dig the grave. However, Ga-ram is shocked to hear this and faints. 😁

Jae-yi informs the Crown Prince about the plan to dig the grave. And he orders his people to follow her. He suggests sending “Bundit Park”, known for his handsome appearance and perfect features in all of Joseon.

Myeong-jin, Ga-ram, and Jae-yi wait until the evening for Bundit Park but he doesn’t show up. Just before the sun goes down, Jae-yi sees a young man walking by and she has a confused expression on her face. That’s when she realizes that the man walking by is actually the Crown Prince disguised as Bundit Park. Jae-yi is worried about the Crown Prince disguising himself outside the palace, but she can’t resist his will.

As they dig up the body for another autopsy. The sun sets and the group decides to grab a few drinks. They continue to imbibe until they are all thoroughly drunk. Even as the curfew hour approaches. Ga-ram has to drag Myeong-jin back home. While Jae-yi’s face turns bright red from too much alcohol. She returns to the palace with the Crown Prince. But they run into a guard on the way. To avoid getting caught, they quickly duck into a small alley, causing a moment of awkwardness between them that neither can quite explain.

The Four Phases of Life

Jae-yi can’t sleep that night as she can only think about the man’s corpse and how to figure out the case. She decides to investigate the letters found on the palm of the hand, which when combined with the previous two bodies spell out “Sung Ga Mayeol.” Which is a reference to the destruction of the Sung family. However, Jae-yi believes that the murderer is not trying to convey this message. She suddenly realizes that the message is about the four phases of life: birth, aging, illness, and death.

  1. The first victim was an elderly person, represented by the Korean word “Ro” which means old.
  2. The second victim was a sick man, symbolized by the Korean word “Byeong” which means disease.
  3. The third victim was stabbed after he had already died, with the Korean word “Sa” which means dead.
  4. The fourth and final message left behind was “Saeng” which represents life.

Then she murmurs to herself, “Someone is about to be born and get a new life, an expectant mother.”

After learning this, Jae-yi rushes to see the Crown Prince. But Sang Kung and the Royal Guard stop her because it is the time for the Crown Prince to sleep. Then she quickly runs to Han Sung-eon and tells him that the murderer’s next target is a pregnant woman.

White Hair Murderer

Han Seong-on orders his soldiers to search the western area for a pregnant woman. As Jae-yi points out, the murderer has targeted victims in different directions.

As expected, the murderer strikes again, murdering a woman who had just given birth to a baby boy. Han Seong-on rushes to the scene and engages in a fierce battle with the black-robed murderer. Despite a tough fight, Han Seong-on manages to tear off the murderer’s veil in the end.

Han Sung-eon is in shock as he watches the scene unfold. The murderer is revealed to be a white-haired woman who is known as a medium. He cannot fathom why a medium would commit such heinous acts. Before he has the chance to ask, the white-haired woman attacks him with her sword. Her skills are remarkable, but as she shouts about seeking revenge, Jae-yi rushes towards her and punches her in the chest, causing her to fall to the ground.

In a split second, the white-haired woman grabs a glass bottle and throws it at Jae-yi’s head. She falls to the ground, bleeding from her head. The soldiers arrive and apprehend the white-haired woman, while the Crown Prince rushes to support Jae-yi, expressing his concern. He admonishes her, saying, “You almost gave me a heart attack.” As he finishes speaking, Jae-yi faints in his arms.

The Crown Prince picks her up and carries her himself, much to the surprise of Han Sung-eon, the soldiers, and the onlookers. They all wonder why the Crown Prince would personally carry a lowly eunuch like Jae-yi.

Photos: tvN Korea
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