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Our Blooming Youth Episode 6: Trust - Kdrama Recap

Our Blooming Youth Episode 6 Recap: Trust – Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 6 recap: Jae-yi proves herself and the Crown Prince starts to trust her. And listen to what happened to Jae-yi’s family.

Park Hyung-sik and Jeon Se-nee

The Crown Prince personally tends Jae-yi’s head wound with care. As it cannot reveal that she is a woman.

When Jae-yi regains consciousness, she asks if the Crown Prince trusts her. He responds in a gentle tone, saying that he has trusted her for some time now.

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Liar !

After Jae-yi recovers, the Crown Prince invites her to discuss the case of the ghost letter in person. He reveals that he has analyzed the connection between the captured white-haired medium and the murder of Jae-yi’s family.

However, the Crown Prince admits to feeling terrified and lonely after receiving a ghost letter. He doesn’t know who’s behind it and is afraid that the curse will come true. He even fears that he will become insane and wander around Joseon alone, as his voice trembles with emotion.

Jae-yi sees that. So says in a firm voice that “I will protect you myself.”

Though there is still no clear evidence of who’s behind the ghost letter. The Crown Prince suspects the Right State Councilor. The removal of the Crown Prince and replacement by his grandson would benefit this individual.

Park Hyung-sik

Meanwhile, a man who claimed to be Jae-yi’s lover commits suicide. His body was found hanging from the rafters, and his hair turned white. Nearby, a suicide note was found, detailing his love for Jae-yi and their relationship.

The Crown Prince read the note with trembling hands and a confused mind. He wondered if everything Jae-yi had said to him was a lie!?

Photos: tvN Korea
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