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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3: The Trot Singer - Kdrama Recap

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3: The Trot Singer – Kdrama Recap

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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3 recap: An elderly woman owes a lot of money because of a young scammer. Do-gi and the team set up a plan to prevent this criminal.

Lee Je-hoon

Do-gi lifts a soldier who served as his junior in the special unit. He approaches the destination, a military camp. Then he hears the trainer’s whistle. A sound that triggers painful memories of his mother’s murder. The sound of the whistle reminds him of the kettle his mother used to use to brew tea before someone killed her.

Kim Eui-seong

Jang Sung-cheol receives information that the bullet used to kill the gang leader was made in Korea. Suggesting that the person responsible for the attack must be powerful enough to order a sniper to assassinate a police officer. It’s evident that the perpetrator is not an ordinary individual.

As soon as Do-gi hears this. He becomes extremely anxious, “Who could it be?”

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3

The Trot Singer

An elderly woman wearing a HanBok decides to spare her life. And not end it by allowing the train to crash. This change of heart comes after she spots a sticker with a powerful message: “Don’t die, seek revenge,” affixed to the train tracks.

When Do-gi hears about this, he sets out to find the woman right away. Upon meeting her, the elderly woman begins to recount the story that led her to this moment…

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3 screenshots

One day, a young singer performed at the Elderly Music Festival while also selling electrical appliances. He portrayed himself as a good person and claimed that he was performing to raise money for his sick five-year-old child who had been hospitalized. During this time, he searched for victims who were alone.

The young man deceived a grandmother by appealing to her compassion. She gave him money to purchase the products. But he refused to take it and instead suggested that she apply for a credit card. He promised that she wouldn’t have to pay anything. He lied to her, saying that “If you don’t use the card, you can cancel it anytime.”

The next day, the young man deceived the grandmother into watching the tent selling products. When people saw that the grandmother was the seller, they came to help and bought almost all the products. But the day wasn’t over yet. Customers who had bought the products returned them because they were all of low quality and broken. The grandmother denied owning the products, but the customers grouped together to report her to the police.

The police found evidence that the grandmother had used her credit card to buy the low-quality products and sell them at an expensive price.

Her credit card had reached its limit, and she was faced with two options: tell her son who worked in Seoul to help, or end her life to spare him the trouble. Afraid that her children would have a harder life than her own, she chose to end her life.

However, the Rainbow Taxi team offers the grandmother a third option: to get her money back and seek revenge on the person who deceived her.

Lee Je Hoon in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3

After hearing the entire story. All members of the Rainbow Taxi team unanimously vote to take on the case. They quickly investigate and discover that the gang is operating as a group.

The trot singer lured the elderly victim into applying for a credit card. And then sent the card to the gang, who used it to purchase various services and gaming items until the limit was reached. (This is a method of draining money from a credit card.)

Upon learning this, Do-gi leads an attack on the gang’s hideout. Which is disguised as a cell phone shop. Despite breaking a sweat, Do-gi manages to take them down with ease.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3 Kdrama Recap

Later, the trot singer and two of his associates are driving on a rural road when their car suddenly breaks down. They remain stranded until a handsome young man dressed in farmer’s attire on a tractor approaches them. It is Do-gi!?

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