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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 4: Sang-gi’s Prison - Kdrama Recap

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 4: Sang-gi’s Prison – Kdrama Recap

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 4 recap: Rainbow Taxi team begins operation to bring punishment to “the Trot Singer”. The plan mainly depends on Sung-cheol being a loaded old man as bait.

Go-eun conducted an investigation until she uncovered that “The trot singer” was actually Yoo Sang-gi. However, she was unable to locate any financial information on him. No bank accounts, no credit cards, and no financial transactions whatsoever. Go-eun assumes that he is a big spender who deceives people to use up all of his money. However, Do-gi disagrees. He notices the way the money is being used and believes that Sang-gi must be hiding it somewhere, which he is determined to find.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 4: Sang-gi’s Prison - Kdrama Recap

To carry out his plan, Do-gi disguises himself as an innocent country mechanic with a good heart and pretends to be naive in order to gain the trust of Sang-Gi and his two henchmen. He secretly installs various cameras and eavesdropping devices to gather information.

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Forgetful elderly millionaire.

Jang Sung-cheol volunteers to be the bait by disguising himself as a forgetful old millionaire. He parks his Porsche SUV outside his house, filling it with expensive items such as brand-name shoes, wine, and golf clubs. Sang-gi and his underlings are convinced that this old man is a real millionaire in a state of confusion. They follow him around, hoping to find a treasure.

One day, the old man leaves his house limping and returns with a box of cash. Seeing this, Sang-gi’s eyes light up with the hope of finding a fortune. He decides to follow the old man to find the spot where the treasure is buried.

Sang-gi is convinced that he will become extremely rich that day. He orders his subordinates to dig up the ground to find the buried cash. Finally, they uncover a bag and Sang-gi and his minions are overjoyed. But when they open the bag, they find that it contains four pieces of “crap”!

Team Rainbow has successfully played Sang-gi with a smelly, golden-yellow surprise. 🤣

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 4 recap

Trapped by his own greed

Meanwhile, Go-eun disguises herself as a part-time singer and befriends the wealthy old man. He gives her a Carmine Red Porsche SUV and reveals the location of the buried cash. Sang-gi discovers this and orders his subordinates to follow Go-eun.

Go-eun leads them to a cliff, but Do-gi’s tractor delays Sang-gi. When Sang-gi arrives, he sees only the parked Porsche. His car then plunges over the cliff, explodes, and catches fire. Sang-gi is devastated, feeling as if he has lost everything.

Taxi Driver season 2 episode 4 kdrama recap

The night before, Do-gi had searched Sang-gi’s car for cash and gold bars and discovered the real hidden money. He had set up a mechanism that caused the explosion, which is what Sang-gi is now screaming about, having lost all his savings from deceiving the elderly.

Taxi Driver season 2 episode 4

As Sang-gi’s greed consumes him, he becomes obsessed with retrieving the old rich man’s treasure to make up for his losses. He sends away his minions, refusing to share any potential wealth with them. Sang-gi’s behavior becomes manic as he frantically digs into what he believes is the treasured spot, only to realize that it’s a minefield. He steps on a mine and screams in terror and anger.

Meanwhile, the Rainbow Taxi team returns the recovered cash to the scammed elders and uses the remaining money to purchase gifts for them.

Do-gi smiles, feeling victorious. Sang-gi, on the other hand, is left to suffer the consequences of his greed, unable to lift his legs from the landmines he stepped on.

Image via SBS Korea
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