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Taxi Driver Season 2 Kdrama Summary

Taxi Driver Season 2 (2023) Summary – Kdrama

Taxi Driver season 2 Summary: The Rainbow Taxi is back in business, with the crew reuniting despite disbanding. The company has hired a new employee.

Ep 1 The Missing Son
Ep 2 Back in Business
Ep 3 The Trot Singer
Ep 4 Sang-gi’s Prison
Ep 5 Feel Consulting
Ep 6 Disgusting
Ep 7 Paganism
Ep 8 Beating Cult with a Cult
Ep 9 Medical Accident
Ep 10 Surgery Factory
Ep 11 The Late Kim Do-gi
Ep 12 BLACK SUN Scandal
Ep 13 Ruin the Party
Ep 14 Illegal Justice
Ep 15 Ha-joon VS Do-gi
Ep 16 The Final Showdown

Rated: 15+ Rating: 6.5/10 Avg TV Rating: 15%
Genre: Action Crime Revenge

Ep 1 The Missing Son

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1 - Kdrama Recap

The story begins with Kim Do-gi (played by Lee Je-hoon), a young man with long hair, serving time in Gucheon Prison. In his stint in solitary confinement. He dedicates himself to intense exercise, honing his muscles to a six-pack. Just then, his guards call him to join three other inmates and board a prisoner transport vehicle headed to the courthouse.

As Do-gi boards the prisoner transport vehicle. He finds himself in the company of three other inmates. All of whom have been convicted of sex offenses that tragically led some of their victims to take their own lives. The trio created and sold pornographic videos online. Which eventually led to their arrest and imprisonment.

As the prisoner transport vehicle makes its way through a wide, empty path, the car suddenly overturns. Do-gi quickly tosses the keys to the trio and urges them to hurry and escape. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get away!” Then Do-gi takes a VIP taxi to pick up the three inmates. While in the car, they grab some energy drinks, but soon the effects wear off.

Hours pass until late at night, and the trio suddenly awaken to find themselves in an abandoned warehouse. In the foreground, a TV blares the news of their prison escape while police mobilize to hunt them down. It doesn’t take long before the S.W.A.T. team arrives on the scene.

These sex offenders used every gap in the law to try to escape justice. They almost succeeded in getting out of prison. But in the end, they had to face the consequences of their actions when they broke out of jail and assaulted an officer. As a result, they received the highest penalty of life imprisonment.

Rainbow Taxi Team - Pyo Ye-jin - Bae Yoo-ram - Jang Hyuk-jin - Kin Eui-Sung

Flashback to Two Years Ago

At that time, the police raided Rainbow Taxi and arrested Jang Sung-cheol (played by Kim Eui-sung), who confessed to his involvement. As a result, the rest of the team had to go their separate ways to pursue their own dreams and rebuild their lives.

Ahn Go-eun (played by Pyo Ye-jin) works as a clerical police officer, but her day-to-day life is mundane and uneventful.

One day, she sees a desperate man searching for his child, but she is unable to help due to restrictions set by her boss. As an information officer, she is forbidden from taking actions beyond her official duties. As it would be a violation of police regulations.

Park Jin-eon (played by Bae Yoo-ram) is an aerospace engineer who designs and builds spaceships for outer space missions, while Choi Kyung-goo (played by Jang Hyuk-jin) is a wealthy chief mechanic. Kim Do-gi is the only one who remains with Jang Sung-cheol at Rainbow Taxi.

Despite the passage of time, Sung-cheol continues to spend his nights placing cards and stickers around the city that read “Don’t die, take revenge, Rainbow Taxi.” People have reported suicides at various spots.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 1 screenshots

A Single Father’s Missing Son

One night, a man on the verge of jumping off a bridge spots a business card and contacts Rainbow Taxi for help. Do-gi arrives in the same black VIP cab to pick up the man. During the ride, the man shares his story with Do-gi.
He was a single father who lost his wife in an accident when their son was still young. To support his family, he opened a small fried chicken shop. Things were going well until the landlord decided to evict him. That’s when his son, pretending to be an exchange student, went to Vietnam to work and sent back money to cover the rent. But soon after, the son disappeared without a trace.

The father reported his son missing. But the police claimed they couldn’t help him as the son was over 18 and had the right to disappear if he wanted to. Desperate, the father printed missing person notices and distributed them all over town, hoping to find his son before it’s too late.

Upon initial inspection, Do-gi and Sung-Cheol agree to take on the case. Do-gi begins his investigation by sending resumes to suspicious recruitment firms. Everything goes according to plan. And Do-gi is soon contacted and sent to work in Vietnam.

Once Do-gi arrives in Vietnam, his captors take him out of town and force a black bag over his head. Then, someone takes him to a place resembling Silicon Valley. But unlike the real Silicon Valley, it’s more like Silicon Valley in Hell. They force everyone here to code online gambling sites in any form. Those who refuse or can’t do it are severely beaten.

Ep 2 Back in Business

Lee Je-hoon Pyo Ye-jin Kim Eui-seong

Meanwhile, Do-gi finds himself in a perilous situation in Vietnam. Jang Sung-cheol’s poor computer skills leave him unable to assist Do-gi in any way.

At the same time, Go-eun uncovers the fact that Jang Sung-cheol and Do-gi have reopened Rainbow Taxi to seek revenge for their customers. And decides to leave her job as a police officer to rejoin their team.

Soon after, Go-eun manages to establish contact with Do-gi, who informs her that a group of criminals are trying to create an illegal online gambling program. They are tricking computer engineering students in Vietnam to develop it, as it’s prohibited in Korea.

Despite the risks involved, Do-gi has a plan to take down these nefarious individuals. He asks Go-eun to send him a simulation program of an online gambling website that will convince them to trust him.

That night, Do-gi hatches a plan to extract information on Lee Dong-jae’s whereabouts. He seizes a taxi from a deceitful Vietnamese driver who has tampered with the passenger meter. Do-gi obtains information from an illegal guide regarding the whereabouts of Lee Dong-jae, the missing son of a single father. He discovers that the kidnappers have been divided into multiple teams, with each team unaware of the others’ location.

Love Never End

As Do-gi drives, he racks his brains on how to find Lee Dong-jae. By a stroke of luck, he bumps into two old colleagues, Jin-eon and Kyung-goo, who have been starving for a day. They narrate the story of how they came to Vietnam to investigate missing person cases and ended up in Chinatown after running into an nemesis, Mrs. Im. However, they abandoned all their luggage and belongings when they bumped into Do-gi by chance.

The mention of Mrs. Im triggers a memory in Do-gi, and he hatches a plan to find Lee Dong-jae. She has harbored a grudge against Do-gi since then.)

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 2

Do-gi makes an appearance in Chinatown to confront Mrs. Im, but he swiftly hops into a taxi and drives away. Mrs. Im’s subordinates give chase, but they lose him in the end. However, Mrs. Im’s henchmen soon discover the hideout where the nefarious kidnappers are holding Do-gi.

The sudden attack by unknown assailants throws the kidnappers into disarray, and they scramble to gather all their teams at the gang leader’s office. Meanwhile, Mrs. Im misses yet another chance to capture Do-gi.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 2: Back in Business - Kdrama Recap

The Bullet

The gang leader takes Do-gi and the other captives to his office. Do-gi sees someone severely beating Lee Dong-jae’s face and body. After some time, the gang leader finally appears.

Go-eun is monitoring the scene through the camera on Do-gi’s smart glasses, and notices something peculiar. She recognizes the gang leader as a Korean police officer who used to be her boss! In shock, she immediately informs Do-gi of her discovery.

At that moment, Jin-eon and Kyung-goo cleverly disguise themselves as Vietnamese police officers and apprehend all the criminals. A sniper takes down the gang leader, who is a corrupt cop. Who fired the shot from afar?

The Rainbow Taxi team successfully dismantles the international online gambling syndicates and arrests all of its members, resulting in Lee Dong-jae finally reuniting with his father. Thus, the team accomplishes its mission.
In the end, all five members of the Rainbow Taxi team gather together at their secret underground base reaffirming their commitment to fight injustice and stand up to those who exploit legal loopholes for their own gain.

Ep 3 The Trot Singer

Jang Sung-cheol receives information that the bullet used to kill gang leader made in Korea, indicating a powerful person ordered the assassination. Perpetrator not ordinary.

As soon as Do-gi hears this. He becomes extremely anxious, “Who could it be?”

An elderly woman wearing a HanBok decides to spare her life. And not end it by allowing the train to crash. This change of heart comes after she spots a sticker with a powerful message: “Don’t die, seek revenge,” affixed to the train tracks.

When Do-gi hears about this, he sets out to find the woman right away. Upon meeting her, the elderly woman begins to recount the story that led her to this moment…

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 3 screenshots

One day, a young singer performed at the Elderly Music Festival while also selling electrical appliances. He portrayed himself as a good person and claimed to be performing to raise money for his sick five-year-old child who was hospitalized. During this time, he searched for victims who were alone.

The young man deceived a grandmother by appealing to her compassion. She gave him money to purchase the products. But he refused to take it and instead suggested that she apply for a credit card. He promised that she wouldn’t have to pay anything. He lied to her, saying that “If you don’t use the card, you can cancel it anytime.”

The Young Scammer

The next day, the young man deceived the grandmother into watching the tent selling products. When people saw that the grandmother was the seller, they came to help and bought almost all the products. But the day wasn’t over yet. Customers who had bought the products returned them because they were all of low quality and broken. The grandmother denied owning the products, but the customers grouped together to report her to the police.

The police found evidence that the grandmother had used her credit card to buy the low-quality products and sell them at an expensive price. Her credit card had reached its limit. And she was faced with two options: tell her son who worked in Seoul to help, or end her life to spare him the trouble. Afraid that her children would have a harder life than her own, she chose to end her life.

However, the Rainbow Taxi team offers the grandmother a third option: to get her money back and seek revenge on the person who deceived her.

After hearing the entire story. All members of the Rainbow Taxi team unanimously vote to take on the case. They quickly investigate and discover that the gang is operating as a group.

The trot singer lured the elderly victim into applying for a credit card. And then sent the card to the gang, who used it to purchase various services and gaming items until the limit was reached. (This is a method of draining money from a credit card.)

Upon learning this, Do-gi leads an attack on the gang’s hideout. Which is disguised as a cell phone shop. Despite breaking a sweat, Do-gi manages to take them down with ease.

Ep 4 Sang-gi’s Prison

Go-eun conducted an investigation until she uncovered that “The trot singer” was actually Yoo Sang-gi. However, she was unable to locate any financial information on him. No bank accounts, no credit cards, and no financial transactions whatsoever. Go-eun assumes that he is a big spender who deceives people to use up all of his money. However, Do-gi disagrees. He notices the way the money is being used and believes that Sang-gi must be hiding it somewhere, which he is determined to find.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 4: Sang-gi’s Prison - Kdrama Recap

To carry out his plan, Do-gi disguises himself as an innocent country mechanic with a good heart and pretends to be naive in order to gain the trust of Sang-Gi and his two henchmen. He secretly installs various cameras and eavesdropping devices to gather information.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 4 screenshots

Forgetful elderly millionaire.

Jang Sung-cheol volunteers to be the bait by disguising himself as a forgetful old millionaire. He parks his Porsche SUV outside his house. Which is filled with expensive items such as brand-name shoes, wine, and golf clubs. This old man, in a state of confusion, convinces Sang-gi and his underlings that he is a real millionaire. They follow him around, hoping to find a treasure.

One day, the old man leaves his house limping and returns with a box of cash. Seeing this, Sang-gi’s eyes light up with the hope of finding a fortune. He decides to follow the old man to find the spot where the treasure is buried.

Sang-gi is convinced that he will become extremely rich that day. He orders his subordinates to dig up the ground to find the buried cash. Finally, they uncover a bag and Sang-gi, along with his minions, rejoice. But when they open the bag, they find that it contains four pieces of “crap”!

Team Rainbow has successfully played Sang-gi with a smelly, golden-yellow surprise. 🤣

Trapped by his own greed

Meanwhile, Go-eun disguises herself as a part-time singer and befriends the wealthy old man. He gives her a Carmine Red Porsche SUV and reveals the location of the buried cash. Sang-gi discovers this and orders his subordinates to follow Go-eun.

Go-eun leads them to a cliff, but Do-gi’s tractor delays Sang-gi. When Sang-gi arrives, he sees only the parked Porsche. His car then plunges over the cliff, explodes, and catches fire. Sang-gi feels devastated, as if he has lost everything.

The night before, Do-gi had searched Sang-gi’s car for cash and gold bars and discovered the real hidden money. He had set up a mechanism that caused the explosion, which is what Sang-gi is now screaming about, having lost all his savings from deceiving the elderly.

Taxi Driver season 2 episode 4

As Sang-gi’s greed consumes him, he becomes obsessed with retrieving the old rich man’s treasure to make up for his losses. He sends away his minions, refusing to share any potential wealth with them. Sang-gi’s behavior becomes manic as he frantically digs into what he believes is the treasured spot, only to realize that it’s a minefield. He steps on a mine and screams in terror and anger.

Meanwhile, the Rainbow Taxi team returns the recovered cash to the scammed elders and uses the remaining money to purchase gifts for them.

Do-gi smiles, feeling victorious. On the other hand, Sang-gi suffers the consequences of his greed. Unable to lift his legs from the landmines he stepped on.

Ep 5 Feel Consulting

The story opens with a little girl running away from two men at night. She manages to hide in a small space where the two men can’t find her. Eventually, they agree to contact the girl’s mother to report her missing.

The following day, Do-gi abruptly stops his car when a frightened girl runs in front of it. He quickly checks on her and brings her to Rainbow Taxi since she doesn’t want to go to the police.

The Rainbow Taxi team notices that the girl has a phobia and keeps saying “Please help me find So-mang.” She refuses to return to her mother or involve the police.

Jang Sung-cheol investigates with the police and learns that the mother had reported the missing child as “Seo-yeon.” Do-gi decides to investigate the mother’s address, and he discovers that she had left her child with someone named “Pro Kang.”

As it turns out, Pro Kang is Kang Pil-seung, the owner of Feel Consulting and a famous real estate consultant on social media. He is also a real estate mogul who owns a significant number of luxury apartments.

Pyo Ye-Jin and Lee Je-hoon

The Newlywed

The story follows Do-gi and Go-eun as they try to investigate a suspicious real estate consultant named Pro Kang. In order to gain more information, Do-gi comes up with a plan for Go-eun to disguise herself as a newlywed and request a consultation with Pro Kang. However, Pro Kang initially refuses to see them because they seem to have better finances than his criteria allows.

Undeterred, Do-gi and Go-eun hatch another plan. They break into Pro Kang’s office and start a fire to destroy some important documents. The next day, they force Pro Kang to call them in for another assessment. And this time they claim to be in a bad financial state due to investing all their money in Chiba (Dogecoin) until it went bankrupt. This convinces Pro Kang to accept them into his project.

But the trouble doesn’t end there. Pro Kang insists on visiting their home, which prompts Do-gi and Go-eun to scramble and create a makeshift bedroom in just under an hour. When Pro Kang arrives, he immediately becomes suspicious of their newlywed status due to the over-the-top decor in their home.

Pro Kang’s face takes on a suspicious expression as he asks in a serious tone, “You two really aren’t newlyweds, are you?”

In the end, Pro Kang’s suspicions are confirmed. But Do-gi and Go-eun manage to evade him and continue their investigation.

Ep 6 Disgusting

Pro Kang catches onto the fact that Do-gi and Go-eun aren’t really a married couple. To smooth things over, Do-gi uses his quick thinking to come up with a plan. He decides to show Pro Kang just how much they want a house. So, Do-gi kneels in front of Pro Kang and admits that he and Go-eun are not a couple but colleagues who want to own their own home.

Pro Kang understands Do-gi and Go-eun’s intentions and agrees to help them. He even offers to invest in the registered marriage, giving them the right to buy a luxury home. Pro Kang tells them to contact him to proceed with the necessary documents.

Pro Kang arrives at an illicit orphanage, which is a small, seedy house without electricity where dozens of children live. As he enters, he scatters sweets and milk, commanding the children to eat only when the permission bell rings. He feeds the children like a dog, and it makes one wonder whether he’s still human.

Pro Kang arranges for Do-gi and Go-eun to meet at an obstetrics and gynecological hospital at night. But when they arrive, they’re surprised to find that the hospital is empty. Pro Kang explains that having a child would make it easier for them to get a home loan. He hands over a birth certificate, leaving Go-eun in shock.

Never Feel Guilty

As the truth unfolds, they learn that Pro Kang preys on single mothers who are not ready to raise their child. He convinces them to let him take care of their child and then forges the birth certificate with fake parents’ names. Pro Kang then uses these children as a tool to help married couples get loans to buy expensive houses. However, when the married couples fail to make the payments, he takes possession of the properties, adding to his already extensive collection of luxury condos.

Lee Je-hoon

Do-gi is enraged at the mistreatment of children. And instructs Go-eun to investigate Pro Kang’s lowest value property. After diligently investigating, they locate the facility where someone is holding the children captive. The Rainbow Taxi team proceeds to rescue all the children and ensure their safety.

Lee Je-hoon in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 6

Ever Felt Guilty For A Child?

Pro Kang hastily tries to flee and liquidate his assets. But Kim Do-gi is determined to bring him to justice. With a flurry of punches, kicks, and elbows, Do-gi delivers a punishing blow to Pro Kang’s face, leaving him begging for mercy. As Pro Kang lies defeated in a pile of garbage, Do-gi asks him a question that cuts to the heart of the matter: “Have you ever felt guilty for a child?”

Pro Kang’s response is callous and self-serving. He explains that the children in his care were abandoned by their parents. And that he was merely taking advantage of them. Pro Kang rationalizes his actions by claiming that he provided them with basic necessities like food and shelter, and that he was helping them by enabling married couples to purchase homes. He shows no remorse for his exploitation of these vulnerable children.

In response, Do-gi climbs onto a nearby crane and dumps a pile of garbage onto Pro Kang’s body, leaving him to wallow in his own filth. It’s a fitting punishment for a man who sees children as nothing more than tools to be used for personal gain.

Shin Jae-ha

A New Taxi Driver

After the Rainbow Taxi team has dealt with the bad guys and helped the children. Ha-joon, a new taxi driver, arrives at the garage to pick up his car. He greets Do-gi before driving off, but instead of heading to a destination, he drives to a place where people bow to him. Who is Ha-joon and why are they bowing to him?

Meanwhile, Pro Kang is now a madman sitting in a pile of trash. Repeatedly claiming to own 30 luxury condos that have all been taken by taxi drivers. He rummages through the garbage heap for food and suddenly, Ha-joon appears before him with a smirk on his face, asking, “Is that a taxi driver?”

Ep 7 Paganism

Ha Joon, a rookie taxi driver, returns to become the leader of a national criminal gang that lost its benefits due to the crackdown by Rainbow Taxi. Ha-joon engages in illegal activities such as online gambling, sending individuals to code programs in Vietnam, and running a real estate business that Pro Kang fronts.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 7 screenshots

One day, a young woman seeks help from the Rainbow Taxi team for her terminally ill sister. Her sister has been brainwashed by a pagan cult led by a man who calls himself “Father.”

The cult’s teaching is to cut ties with family and follow “Father” to a destination called “Sunbaek Hill.” The cult preys on weak-hearted patients at hospitals and brainwashes them into believing that “Father” has healing powers. The cult leader, Ok Ju-man, has a history of fraud, including Ponzi schemes and embezzlement. His ultimate goal is to build a large church on Sunbaek Hill.

Kim Do-Gi and the Rainbow Taxi team investigate the cult and find out about its dangerous methods. The cult administers water containing morphine to make disciples believe that they have been cured of their diseases.

Hospitals and medicine are portrayed as evil, and only “Father” has the power to heal. Go-eun’s investigation reveals Ok Ju-man’s criminal past and his fraudulent intentions.

Do-gi and the team cannot let Ok Ju-man succeed in his plans. They must save the brainwashed disciples and stop the cult from growing.

Ep 8 Beating Cult with a Cult

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 8 Recap - Kdrama

To undermine the heretical teachings and free the cult’s disciples, Do-gi and the Rainbow Taxi team plan to shake their faith in leader Ok Ju-man. Despite several attempts to scare him with ghosts, Ok Ju-man remains skeptical.

So Do-gi uses a different tactic. He poses as a medium, pretending to be Ok Ju-man’s mother, which wins him over.

Meanwhile, the team collects evidence of Ok Ju-man’s wrongdoing, such as clips of him admitting he’s an atheist and rewarding followers for deceiving converts.

After revealing the evidence to the disciples. They realize they’ve been deceived and band together to stop Ok Ju-man. Finally, they return to their families and receive proper medical treatment.

Ep 9 Medical Accident

Ha-joon brings Do-gi a cup of coffee at his home and tells him that he needs some advice. He tells the story of how someone he didn’t even know beat up his younger brother. Then, Ha-joon asks Do-gi a strange question: “Can the person who hurt my brother and I become friends?”

Do-gi looks puzzled and replies that it’s not possible. While Ha-joon is in the restroom, Do-gi notices that some of his documents are missing from the table. He confronts Ha-joon about it when he returns, but Ha-joon makes up excuses and says he has an appointment before hurrying away. Do-gi watches him go with suspicion in his eyes.

Good Doctor & a Boorish Man

The next day, Do-gi drives a passenger to the hospital. As he pulls up to the entrance, he sees a disheveled and drunken man causing a scene. The man is holding a protest sign with an allegation against Director An Young-suk. Apparently, something went wrong during an operation and now the man’s daughter is in a coma. Do-gi can’t help but feel sorry for the man as he watches him shout and wave his sign in anger.

When Director An Young-suk arrives at the hospital, the drunken man picks up a megaphone and starts cursing at her. Unfazed, she calmly takes out some cash and offers to buy him something to eat. She then suggests that he go wash up at the sauna before speaking to her again. In a soft voice, she tells him that he’s free to protest as much as he wants, but asks that he not use the megaphone to disturb others.

After a while, one of Director Ahn Young-suk’s subordinates can’t take it anymore and goes over to scold the drunken man. He tells him that the court has already ruled that the operation was an accident. But the drunken man argues back, saying that the court only decided that way because the evidence had been forged. Frustrated, he lets out a loud cry of anger. Do-gi watches the whole scene unfold but keeps his emotions in check.

Medical Accident

That night, the drunken man happens to see a sticker for Rainbow Taxi and decides to call them for advice. He tells them his whole story: A year ago, he took his daughter to have surgery with a famous doctor, Director Ann Young-suk. The operation, which was supposed to last three hours, seemed normal before it began. The drunken man anxiously waited for news about his daughter’s condition. But when the surgery was over, he found out that his daughter never woke up again.

The case goes to court and the drunken man testifies that he smelled alcohol on Director An Young-suk’s breath during the surgery. However, there is no scientific evidence to support his claim. The director’s lawyers argue that the surgery went well. And that the patient’s coma was caused by a rare side effect of anesthesia that can happen to one in ten thousand people. They refer to what happened as a ‘medical accident.’

After hearing the drunken man’s story, the Rainbow Taxi team decides to investigate further. They start by looking into Director Ahn Young-suk’s personal behavior. But the more they dig, the more they discover that she is a charitable doctor who has helped many people through her work on various projects.

Pyo Ye-jin and Lee Je-hoon in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 9 Kdrama

Based on the preliminary information they have gathered, the members of the Rainbow Taxi team unanimously vote against taking on the case. However, they still have their doubts. Go-eun decides to take matters into her own hands and disguises herself as a cleaning worker to sneak into the hospital’s security room. She hacks into the CCTV and hospital servers, but in the end, she can’t find any incriminating evidence.

The Surgery Malpractice

Do-gi is suspicious. He disguises himself and sneaks into the hospital’s medical record room. There, he finds the medical record of a drunk man’s daughter. It has been placed in a spot where water is leaking and the document is completely destroyed. Immediately, Do-gi realizes that he must uncover a hidden truth. He decides to go to the source of the incident – the operating room.

Disguised as a doctor, Do-gi sneaks into the operating room. Suddenly, an alarm goes off. Go-eun quickly informs Do-gi that there is a video recording detection device in the room. Without a word, Director An Young-suk and his subordinates rush to the operating room. Do-gi uses his cat-like reflexes to hide inside a locker. Why would the hospital install such an expensive camera trapping device in the operating room?

Do-gi determines to enter the operating room and discover evidence. So, he stages a car crash and injures himself to the point of needing surgery. He wears smart glasses that conceal a small camera. Go-eun will activate the camera to record everything without being detected while Do-gi is unconscious during surgery.

Lee Je-hoon and Pyo Ye-jin

Everything goes according to plan. A few minutes later, Do-gi loses consciousness due to the effects of the anesthesia. Go-eun activates the camera in the smart glasses. As she watches the footage, she witnesses a shocking sight. The person performing surgery on Do-gi isn’t Director An Young-suk, but rather someone she knows as “Doctor Kong”!

Ep 10 Surgery Factory

Do-gi finally discovers the truth about Dr. Gong. It turns out that he’s not a real medical doctor at all. Instead, he’s a salesman for a pharmaceutical company called MEDITOPIA.

Director An Young-suk had been using a salesman to perform surgeries because it was cheaper than hiring a real doctor. In return, she would place orders for medical supplies from the company.

Go-eun uncovers even more shocking evidence. She discovers that Director An Young-suk had changed her name four years ago from An Ji-eun.

Upon further investigation, Go-eun finds out that An Ji-eun used to run a private clinic but had her license suspended for hiring a salesman to perform surgeries. However, they lifted the suspension after just six months, and she was able to practice medicine again. She then erased her old records and opened a new hospital, continuing to use salesmen to perform surgeries as before.

Surgery Factory

After learning the truth, Do-gi confronts Salesman Kong to get the full story. The truth about what happened to the drunk man’s daughter is finally revealed.

On that fateful day, Salesman Kong received an order from Director An Young-suk to perform a surgery in her place as she was struggling with alcohol addiction and her hands were shaking too much to operate. Not being a real doctor, Salesman Kong made a mistake during the operation on the drunk man’s daughter, leaving her in a coma.

“I had no choice,” Salesman Kong explains. “If I had exposed the truth, I would have been fired. Everything would have stayed the same.”

Do-gi listens to Salesman Kong’s excuses and becomes enraged. He shouts back that what Salesman Kong did makes him an accomplice, no different from Director An Young-suk.

The next day, Do-gi continues his investigation and discovers that Director An Young-suk has been running a project to provide free surgeries to the elderly. She takes advantage of legal loopholes to get the state to reimburse the cost of the surgeries. This is why she has so many surgical cases. Do-gi refers to her hospital as a “surgery factory.”

Meanwhile, an elderly patient is in danger of being left to die. The Rainbow Taxi team can’t wait any longer and must act quickly to put an end to the situation. They start by forging Director An Young-suk’s signature on a document donating her yearly income to the Blue Bird Foundation for the Elderly. They then stage a scene in the hospital and alert government officials to inspect for violations such as reusing syringes, taking psychiatric drugs for personal use, giving expired drugs to patients, and more. In the end, Salesman Kong turns himself in to the police and confesses everything that has happened.

Lee Je-hoon


However, Director An Young-suk shows no remorse for her actions. She returns to the hospital with expensive liquor and declares, “I’ll just pay the fine, change my name, and open a new hospital. Soon enough, people will forget. Stupid bastards.”

Do-gi is waiting in the operating room. He shouts a question at Director An Young-suk, “What will you choose to do next? Repent or change your name and continue doing the same thing?”

He doesn’t wait for her answer. His hand holding the anesthetic needle moves towards the evil director’s neck before lifting her onto the operating table. What Do-gi chooses to do next is use a hammer to hit her hand!!!

In the end, a miracle happens. The drunk man’s daughter wakes up from her coma. Joy overcomes her father, and he can’t stop crying.

Shin Jae-ha, Lee Je-hoon and Pyo Ye-jin

Ha-joon calls the chief police officer and orders him to carry out their plan. Meanwhile, the Rainbow Taxi team is driving back to their base after successfully completing their revenge operation. Suddenly, an unexpected incident occurs. Do-gi’s taxi swerves off course and there’s an explosion followed by a fire. What they see shocks Go-eun and the two crazy brothers in the backseat!

Ep 11 The Late Kim Do-gi

Shin Jae-ha

The Rainbow Taxi team is overcome with grief at Do-gi’s funeral. Amidst the tears, Ha-joon appears and sneers in front of Do-gi’s portrait. He was behind the explosion and has no intention of stopping Do-gi’s death. Ha-joon plans to eliminate Rainbow Taxi entirely.

The footage cuts back before the VIP taxi explodes and engulfs in flames. Do-gi sensed something was off and jumped out of the car, narrowly surviving. He faked his death and used his own corpse to find suspects.

Ha-joon resigned as a taxi driver. And Go-eun discovers he is the most suspicious person.


Go-eun has discovered that the person who attended Do-gi’s funeral used to work at a high-end club called BLACK SUN. The Rainbow Taxi team agrees to investigate there. But since it only accepts VIP guests, Do-gi has to find a way to sneak in. He pretends to be an old friend of ‘Richter’, a VIP guest, and befriends him to gather information.

As Do-gi investigates BLACK SUN, he discovers minors visiting the club illegally. He reports it to the police, but they tip off the club guards. Do-gi is dragged out and brutally beaten. The police arrest him for vandalizing the club’s property instead of helping him.

At that moment, forensic experts inform Director Jang Sung-cheol that the bomb in Do-gi’s VIP taxi was made by the Interior Ministry’s anti-terrorism unit. This revelation causes Jang Sung-cheol’s expression to betray his worry.

While at the police station, Do-gi defends himself against accusations of vandalizing the club’s property. The police interrogator receives a mysterious phone call and then informs Do-gi of additional charges: molesting a female employee in the club.

Ep 12 BLACK SUN Scandal

Reporter Kim Young-min testifies to the police that the person Do-gi had been helping on the rooftop of BLACK SUN club is innocent, leading to Do-gi’s release.

Do-gi receives valuable information from reporter Kim Young-min, which confirms that BLACK SUN club is not just an ordinary entertainment venue. With this new knowledge, Do-gi devises a plan to infiltrate the club once again. This time by posing as an employee. However, gaining access to the restricted areas of the club proves to be quite challenging. Just as Do-gi is struggling to navigate through the club, he unexpectedly encounters Ha-joon!

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 12 Kdrama Screenshots

Do-gi skillfully uses the Cat’s Paw technique to dodge Ha-joon. Just then, a club employee picks up an unconscious woman, and Do-gi offers to drive. While en route, a speeding car crashes into the vehicle Do-gi is driving, and it turns out that the driver is none other than reporter Kim Young-min. The collision causes significant damage to both cars, and Kim Young-min urges Do-gi to hurry and take the woman to the hospital.

The Playground of Evil

In the emergency room, reporter Kim Young-min reveals to Do-gi the reason behind his reckless driving. He explains that the young woman was in danger of being sexually assaulted due to being drugged. Soon after, the girl regains consciousness and tries to report the incident, but shockingly, the police end up arresting her for drug-related charges instead of helping her.

Reporter Kim Young-min provides information to Do-gi, revealing that he had shared suspicious news about BLACK SUN with Detective Choi, a trustworthy police officer, last year. It turns out that BLACK SUN is involved in drug trafficking. However, during the investigation, Detective Choi died under mysterious circumstances, and the authorities concluded that it was a suicide.

Reporter Kim Young-min finds it hard to believe that Detective Choi committed suicide and left his family behind. As he had no reason to take his own life.He suspects that someone silenced Choi for gaining information during the investigation into the drug trafficking at BLACK SUN Club. He has determined to uncover the truth behind Detective Choi’s death.

Later, The agency later fired reporter Kim Young-min for unknown reasons.

Upon hearing the story from reporter Kim Young-min, the Rainbow Taxi team unanimously agrees to take on the case.

Ep 13 Ruin the Party

The Rainbow Taxi Team’s investigation leads to the discovery that at least three high-ranking police officers are involved with BLACK SUN Club.

Additionally, Go-eun uncovers CCTV blind spots and dummy cameras at the police station responsible for BLACK SUN Club. She states that CCTV cameras cannot have blind spots. Raising suspicion that the police are involved in the illegal activities.

Do-gi successfully infiltrates BLACK SUN Club again, disguised as an employee. He uncovers the truth about KPOP idol Richter. Who points out a woman to be drugged and sexually assaulted. They take the woman to a hotel to wait for Richter.

In the hotel room, Do-gi saves the drugged woman and confronts Richter. The Rainbow Taxi team discovers that Ha-joon is the true mastermind.

Lee Je-hoon in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 13 Kdrama

During that time, Do-gi is tasked with cleaning up evidence at BLACK SUN. He returns to find evidence of Detective Choi’s murder.

However, the villains set a trap, causing Do-gi to hallucinate and nearly die in a car crash. Go-eun intervenes just in time.

In the hospital, Do-gi regains consciousness and searches for answers. He discovers a pen-like recording device in his pocket, bringing a smile to his face.

Ep 14 Illegal Justice

Do-gi discovers a crucial audio recording made by Detective Choi. It reveals that the drugs used in BLACK SUN were confiscated narcotics that were supposed to be destroyed legally. But corrupt cops embezzled them instead.

In the present, Ha-joon is at the Black Sun Club’s VIP lounge drinking. When he gets a report about an absent employee. Upon seeing the employee’s picture, Ha-joon is shocked to realize that Do-gi is still alive. “How is that possible?” he exclaims.

Despite Ha-joon’s knowledge of Do-gi being alive, the Rainbow Taxi team proceeds with their plan. The two brothers secretly switch drugs with corrupt police officers and mix the substance with the VIPs’ liquor at Black Sun Club.

The Justice

As the plan unfolds, chaos ensues at the Black Sun Club. Some individuals fall unconscious to the ground, while others experience hallucinations and become manic from the mixed drugs, attacking each other like crazed animals.

As the commando police arrive to arrest everyone at the club, Ha-joon tries to make a run for it. Before leaving, he taunts, “I’ll see you later, Do-gi. I’ll kill you with my own hands.” In the end, the authorities apprehend everyone in the club.

The court tries and sentences the suspects in Detective Choi’s murder to life imprisonment. The court convicts Richter and imposes a 10-year prison sentence on him.

After helping to bring the wrongdoers to justice and dealing with the Black Sun, reporter Kim Young-min tells Kim Do-gi that while he doesn’t condone their illegal methods. But he admits that “It’s the justice.”

Shin Jae-ha

Later, despite Ha-joon killing and silencing the police chief, “The Bishop” is still angry over the massive mismanagement that occurred. The bishop summons Ha-joon to meet with him. Where his minions strangle him to death as punishment. But…

But before taking his last breath. Ha-joon pleads with the Bishop for another chance, “Please, give me another chance. I swear I’ll take down Kim Do-gi with my own hands.”

The Bishop contacts Rainbow Taxi to request their revenge service. Do-gi is assigned to drive a VIP taxi to pick up the Bishop. As they start the journey, Do-gi activates the recording device and asks the Bishop to tell him what happened. “Can you please tell me what led you to seek revenge?”

Ep 15 Ha-joon VS Do-gi

As a child, the other children in the orphanage referred to Ha-joon as the “nameless” boy.The teasing became unbearable. And in a fit of rage, he pushed another child in a wheelchair, causing them to hit their head on a rock and die. The victim’s name was “Ha-joon.”

The Bishop, who was the pastor in charge of the orphanage at the time, intervened to cover up the case by ordering the police to rule it as an accidental death caused by the boy hitting his head on a rock. From then on, the boy was known as “Ha-joon.” The Bishop taught Ha-joon that “Only the winner determines who is at fault.”

Ha-joon rises through the ranks and becomes an assassin in the Bishop’s extensive criminal organization. Those in the group wear a distinctive cross ring that resembles a snake, serving as a symbol of their affiliation.


In the present, Do-gi presents the cross ring to the members of Rainbow Taxi as a clue from the Black Sun Club. Go-eun’s investigation reveals that all the criminals involved in the Black Sun wore the same ring. Including the police chief in Vietnam and Pro Kang, as well as the high-ranking policeman killed by Ha-joon. The team decides that their next target should be the big boss behind the ring.

Later, the Bishop contacts Rainbow Taxi, posing as a customer seeking help for his son Lee Si-wan, who is in prison. Upon investigation, Go-eun discovers that Lee Si-wan had uncovered the financial trail of a criminal gang linked to the Black Sun, making him a target for murder. The team agrees to take on the urgent case unanimously.

Lee Je-hoon as Kim Do-gi in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 15

Disguised as a prisoner, Do-gi enters the same prison as Lee Si-wan and discovers that there is a bounty of hundreds of millions of won on Lee Si-wan’s head, making him a target for everyone in the prison.

In order to prevent other inmates in the prison from targeting Lee Si-wan. Do-gi pretends to be a crazy man with exceptional fighting skills. He makes a scene and takes down anyone who crosses his path. Once the inmates are all disoriented, Do-gi approaches Lee Si-wan and claims that he is his best friend. This allows Lee Si-wan to be identified as part of Do-gi’s “crew,” keeping him safe from harm.

Lee Je-hoon and Shin Jae-ha

Let’s Play A Game

Despite everything going according to plan. Do-gi can’t shake off the feeling of being misunderstood. The whole operation seems too smooth and easy, leaving him suspicious.

And as expected, that night while Do-gi is in the cell, Ha-joon appears and reveals the truth: “It’s a trap.”

Ha-joon sets Do-gi’s head at a high price. The prisoners in the entire jail swarm around Do-gi, hoping to collect the bounty. Although Do-gi isn’t John Wick, he is still Do-gi. The prisoners attack him with their bare hands, fists, and weapons, but there’s nothing this taxi driver can’t handle. In the end, Do-gi uses his last bit of strength to defeat them all, but…

It’s not over yet. Another large group of prisoners appears in front of Do-gi. They cover his battered shoulders in blood, tie him up, and drag him to Ha-joon in a room. The room has several large screens in the foreground. Showing the other members of Rainbow Taxi being tied up.

Ha-joon flashes a victorious grin before suggesting, “Let’s play a game, Brother Do-gi. Who will you choose to die first?”

Taxi Driver 2 Ep 15 Recap

You Will Die by My Hand

Do-gi watches the TV screen with a look of concern as Go-eun, Assistant Choi, and Assistant Park are shown tied to chairs on a rooftop. Suddenly, he declares, “I choose the fourth one…” leaving Ha-joon baffled as there are only three hostages.

Ha-joon’s subordinate delivers shocking news – Lee Si-wan, who Ha-joon thought was dead, has reappeared and is willing to testify in court, revealing the organized crime’s entire financial route and money laundering activities. This revelation leaves Ha-joon speechless and taken aback.

The scene reveals that Do-gi and the Rainbow Taxi team were aware from the beginning that The Bishop had agreed to use evidence of a financial route to lure Do-gi into a trap, so they devised a plan. Both Go-eun and the crazy siblings pretended to be arrested to buy time for Lee Si-wan to go to court. And reveal the full extent of the organized crime’s money laundering operation.

The image on the TV screen is a pre-recorded clip.

Ha-joon realizes that he has been deceived. He furiously brandishes a semi-automatic gun, pointing it at Do-gi’s head while shouting, “You will die by my hand!”

Ep 16 The Final Showdown

Before Ha-joon can pull the trigger, the guards intervene and claim that it is the Bishop’s orders. Ha-joon is then taken away and punished for his misbehavior by being locked up in a solitary cell next to Do-gi’s. Meanwhile, Lee Si-wan is able to escape and testify at court, causing significant damage to the organization.

Later, Do-gi contacts Go-eun through his smart glasses and reveals his plan to stay in prison because he believes it’s the Bishop’s main base of operations. He enlists the help of the Rainbow Taxi team to take down the Bishop’s business. Assistant Choi and Assistant Park steal high-value relics, while Go-eun manages to obtain a client list from a finance company.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 16 Finale Kdrama

The Whistle

As the Bishop learns of his broken business, he orders the guards to bring Do-gi to the church where he addresses him in a calm voice. “Today is the day you won’t be able to bear staying in prison. Try to escape and get shot by the warden’s bullet… your life will end in vain, just like your mother.” The Bishop says with a smile on his face.

The mention of his mother immediately changes Do-gi’s expression, making his face bleed from anger. He tries to rush towards the Bishop. Suddenly, the Bishop blows a whistle, surprising everyone.

The sound of the whistle is similar to the whistling of a kettle. The same sound his mother had left behind before she was brutally stabbed to death by an evil assassin. It’s the only sound that causes Do-gi to fall to the ground and feel the pain in his heart that he can’t bear. Do-gi is no longer the same Chauffeur Do-gi.

Meanwhile, the Bishop’s minions capture Go-eun, Assistant Park, and Assistant Choi.

However, a surprising visitor arrives at the prison – Jang Sung-cheol. This unexpected encounter becomes an opportunity for Jang Sung-cheol to reveal a truth that has been hidden from Ha-joon his whole life.

Ha-joon discovers that his parents did not abandon him as he had always believed, and that he is not an orphan. The Bishop had actually tricked him into unknowingly killing his own father, who was actually his biological father. This revelation leaves Ha-joon shocked and confused.

Kim So-yeon

Later, Jang Sung-cheol reaches out to a woman (Kim So-yeon) for help in rescuing the Rainbow Taxi members. And they are all safely extracted.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 16 Finale Kdrama

The Final Showdown

In the final showdown, the Bishop presents Ha-joon with a last chance to redeem himself by dueling with Do-gi. In the end, victory belongs to Do-gi.

However, the Bishop deems Ha-joon a “weak bastard” in his eyes. The Bishop pulls out his gun and aims it at Ha-joon, but to everyone’s surprise, Ha-joon decides to end the war himself. He runs towards the Bishop, who fires multiple shots at him. However, Ha-joon’s determination propels him forward, and he jumps towards the Bishop. The two fall off the roof and hit the ground, resulting in their deaths. The battle is finally over.

The Bishop’s criminal organization is utterly destroyed.

On December 8, 2023, a year later, Do-gi joins the army in response to the sexual harassment and subsequent suicide of a female soldier. When the army tries to cover up the incident, Do-gi decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Go-eun and the Rainbow Taxi team continue their mission of seeking justice, even in cases where the legal system fails.

Where the law fails, the Rainbow Taxi and Chauffeur Kim Do-gi will be there to provide justice.

Stay tuned for Taxi Driver Season 3.

The end!

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