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Our Blooming Youth Episode 8 Recap: The Trial - Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 8 Recap: The Trial – Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 8 recap: The interrogation of the white-haired medium begins and she starts to curse the royal family which brings chaos to the palace.

Jeon So-nee and Park Hyung-sik

Jae-yi is at the Palace poolside, moving chairs for the annual hit the cleats competition when she starts complaining and cursing to herself. “What a fool! Even if I curse like a buffalo, I still feel sorry for the buffalo,” she mumbles continuously, unaware that the Crown Prince is walking behind her and hears every word. When she turns around and sees him, her face turns red with shock. She quickly makes excuses for her cursing and blames herself.

In that moment, Jae-yi expresses her feelings to the Crown Prince and understands that he kicked her out of the East Palace. He apologizes to her, but still does not allow her to return to the East Palace.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 8 screenshots

The trial

The trial of the white-haired medium murderer is at hand. And His Highness presides over the investigation personally. As the white-haired figure is brought to the field of inquiry. The prime minister questions her about the fourth letter.

Suddenly, the sky erupts into a deafening roar. The white-haired figure smirks and says in Korean, “It’s Sung Ga Myeol Lee.” This means the destruction of the Lee family. Which is the family of His Highness and the Crown Prince. According to her, the Lee family killed the people of the Sung family until they rose to the top in Joseon.

Upon hearing this, His Highness becomes very angry and grabs his sword. He vows to kill her with his own hands. But as he raises his sword, the sky immediately roars again. The Crown Prince, who is also present, is shocked by what happens next. Thunder rings out and a venomous snake slithers out of the white-haired figure. She smiles and dies from the snake’s venom.

The Crown Prince recognizes the snake as a stone-striped Mamushi snake and believes that all occurrences are connected and originated by one person. However, he cannot answer the question of why the sky is so angry.

Jeon So-nee in Our Blooming Youth Episode 8

During the ongoing investigation, a group of men in black enters the market and Jae-yi, Ga-ram, and Myung-jin give chase. However, one of the men in black tries to step on Jae-yi with his leg and aims an arrow at her vital point.

Photos: tvN Korea
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