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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 5 Recap: Feel Consulting - Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 5 Recap: Feel Consulting – Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 5 recap: Do-gi runs into a stray little girl on the streets. Out of concern, he takes her to Rainbow Transport and learns that suspicious people are after her.

The story opens with a little girl running away from two men at night. She manages to hide in a small space where the two men can’t find her. Eventually, they agree to contact the girl’s mother to report her missing.

The following day, Do-gi abruptly stops his car when a frightened girl runs in front of it. He quickly checks on her and brings her to Rainbow Taxi since she doesn’t want to go to the police.

The Rainbow Taxi team notices that the girl has a phobia and keeps saying “Please help me find So-mang.” She refuses to return to her mother or involve the police.

Jang Sung-cheol investigates with the police and learns that the mother had reported the missing child as “Seo-yeon.” Do-gi decides to investigate the mother’s address, and he discovers that she had left her child with someone named “Pro Kang.”

As it turns out, Pro Kang is Kang Pil-seung, the owner of Feel Consulting and a famous real estate consultant on social media. He is also a real estate mogul who owns a significant number of luxury apartments.

The Newlywed

The story follows Do-gi and Go-eun as they try to investigate a suspicious real estate consultant named Pro Kang. In order to gain more information, Do-gi comes up with a plan for Go-eun to disguise herself as a newlywed and request a consultation with Pro Kang. However, Pro Kang initially refuses to see them because they seem to have better finances than his criteria allows.

Undeterred, Do-gi and Go-eun hatch another plan. They break into Pro Kang’s office and start a fire to destroy some important documents. The next day, Pro Kang is forced to call them in for another assessment, and this time they claim to be in a bad financial state due to investing all their money in Chiba (Dogecoin) until it went bankrupt. This convinces Pro Kang to accept them into his project.

But the trouble doesn’t end there. Pro Kang insists on visiting their home, which prompts Do-gi and Go-eun to scramble and create a makeshift bedroom in just under an hour. When Pro Kang arrives, he immediately becomes suspicious of their newlywed status due to the over-the-top decor in their home.

Pro Kang’s face takes on a suspicious expression as he asks in a serious tone, “You two really aren’t newlyweds, are you?”

In the end, Pro Kang’s suspicions are confirmed, but Do-gi and Go-eun manage to evade him and continue their investigation.

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