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The Glory Episode 9 Recap: Last chance - Kdrama

The Glory Episode 9 Recap: Last Chance – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 9 recap: Dong-eun presents Yeon-jin with a chance to own up to her past actions and turn herself in to the authorities. Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding Yoon So-hee’s death begins to unravel.

Yeon-jin stands in Dong-eun’s room, staring down at her husband Do-young amidst the sea of incriminating evidence. Though the walls are plastered with proof, Yeon-jin remains collected. She accuses Do-young of opening the secret box she warned him not to touch. Yeon-jin saunters past Do-young with an icy glare, devoid of any guilt, and utters, “All the pictures and evidence of Dong-eun’s high school assault are true.” Yeon-jin leans in close and whispers in his ear, “Know that it is I who is disappointed that we ended up here, not you,” before leaving the room.

Unbeknownst to them, Dong-eun has been watching everything through a hidden camera. Seeing Do-young’s respect for Yeon-jin prompts Dong-eun to take action.

Last Chance to Make Things Right

The following day, Dong-eun waits for Yeon-jin at a television station. As the two chat at a cafe, Dong-eun makes Yeon-jin an offer. She proposes that Yeon-jin turn herself in to the police and admit to her past crimes, and in return, Dong-eun will cease seeking revenge.

“If you surrender to me, the punishment will be far more severe,” Dong-eun warns. “I will count backwards for the 18 years I’ve spent living in hell. Turn yourself in, and I will end my revenge here.” Dong-eun offers Yeon-jin a final chance for the sake of Do-young.

However, Yeon-jin merely scoffs at Dong-eun’s proposal. “Wow, how kind of you. Am I drunk? If I surrender, my life will be ruined. But you’ve misunderstood something. I haven’t done anything wrong. I am not the one who caused your hellish existence. But your life has been hell since birth.”

Dong-eun smiles at the corner of her mouth, pleased to see that Yeon-jin shows no remorse. “I’m relieved to see your mouth is clear of guilt. It’ll make my revenge all the sweeter,” Dong-eun says.

Meanwhile, Yeo-jeong visits his mother and confesses that the woman he likes was a victim of bullying. He tells his mother he will use an executioner’s sword instead of a scalpel. His mother smiles at him and tells him to be careful. “As long as it brings you happiness, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks,” she says.

As the truth about Yoon So-hee’s death is uncovered, it is revealed that the real killer is none other than Yeon-jin.

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