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The Glory Episode 10 Recap: Never Feel Guilty - Kdrama

The Glory Episode 10 Recap: Never Feel Guilty – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 10 recap: Upon discovering Kang Hyeon-nam’s involvement with Dong-eun, Yeon-jin threatens her. Meanwhile, an unexpected person shows up at Dong-eun’s school.

Lim Ji-yeon in The Glory Episode 10

Yeon-jin is in Dong-un’s room when she notices a picture of a man she doesn’t know. With suspicion gnawing at her, she decides to investigate. After some digging, she discovers that the man in the photo is Kang Hyeon-nam’s husband, the detective maid who works for Dong-eun. Yeon-jin seizes the opportunity and offers Kang Hyeon-nam a chance to switch sides. The Detective Maid reluctantly accepts Yeon-jin’s offer for the safety of her daughter.

However, the Detective Maid secretly informs Dong-eun about the switch. Dong-eun quickly arranges to take the detective maid’s high school daughter into hiding for safety.

Song Hye-kyo

It’s not long before someone unexpected appears at school – Dong-eun’s long-lost mother. Even after ten years, her mother still acts like she’s drunk and hasn’t changed her ways. Dong-eun can’t help but think this must be Yeon-jin’s doing. Previously, Yeon-jin had offered Dong-eun’s mother a large sum of money to get Dong-eun expelled from school. At first, Dong-eun’s mother had refused, but she eventually agreed after enough money was offered.

Never Feel Guilty

Meanwhile, Dong-eun’s plans are in motion. Do-young teases Yeon-jin and Jae-jun’s relationship, and Yeon-jin starts to become suspicious of Do-young and Hye-jeong. That night, Do-young explodes at Yeon-jin like never before, “If you had any remorse for your actions. You would have remained silent. But your behavior shows that you feel no guilt at all.”

Jung Sung-il and Song Hye-kyo in The Glory episode 10

Later, at a luxury hotel in central Seoul, Do-young and Dong-eun meet to discuss the past. As they ride in the elevator, Do-young breaks the silence by saying, “I already know about you and Yeon-jin.” Dong-eun replies with a straight face, “I don’t think you’ll ever know it all.”

As they arrive at the hotel, a staff member offers to hang up Dong-eun’s coat. As Dong-eun takes off her coat, everyone in the area is shocked to see the ghastly scars caused by a hair clip on her torso. Do-young’s eyes widen, wondering if these scars are a result of Yeon-jin’s evil actions.

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