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The Glory Episode 11 Recap: Evidence Doesn’t Conceal the Truth

The Glory Episode 11 Recap: Evidence Doesn’t Conceal the Truth

The Glory Episode 11 recap: Yeon-jin asks Yong-jun to clean up after she kills Myung-oh. But the evidence fails to hide the truth.

Jung Sung-il and Song Hye-kyo in The Glory episode 11

Inside a private room at a restaurant in a luxurious hotel, Do-young is left speechless as he sees the scars on Dong-eun’s torso. Dong-eun demands that Do-young leave Yeon-jin, “I want everyone in her life to leave her. Including you. Because you’re Yeon-jin’s GLORY. But after all of this, I want you to become another reminder of Yeon-jin’s ruin.” However, Do-young stands his ground and refuses her demands. He won’t abandon Yeon-jin, even though he doesn’t know why.

Yeon-jin and Yeo-jeong are injecting filler when Yeon-jin passes out due to the drug’s effect. Before she loses consciousness, Yeo-jeong whispers in Yeon-jin’s ear, “What did you do to Myung-oh?” Moments later, Yeon-jin faints.

Lim Ji-yeon

The scene flashes back to the day when Myung-oh arranged for Yeon-jin to meet him at the Siesta dressing room. It’s revealed that Yeon-jin killed Yoon So-hee 18 years ago, and Myung-oh is using this information to blackmail her. Myung-oh’s taunts and Yeon-jin’s defiance cause her to rage. She grabs a brandy bottle and hurls it at Myung-oh, causing him to fall and bleed profusely.

At that moment, Yeon-jin’s first thought is of Yong-jun, the corrupt police chief who had helped her cover up evidence when she was young. Yong-jun sends a team to clean up and takes Myung-oh’s body to the Yongsan Funeral Site to wait for a rainy day to bury him and cover up the evidence. Yeon-jin burns his clothes and orders the staff at the Siesta store to delete the CCTV files.

Returning to the present, Yeon-jin wakes up screaming and runs away.

Later, Yeo-jeong purchases an abandoned building where the funeral home used to be located. The broker is suspicious and asks why she wants to buy an old, abandoned building. Yeo-jeong replies, “When we want to eat chocolate, we have to buy a box with chocolate inside.” The broker looks puzzled.

Song Hye-Kyo and Lee Do-Hyun in The Glory Ep 11 Kdrama

That same night, Yeo-jeong and Dong-eun drive to the abandoned building, and the officer manages to turn on the lights. The sign outside reads: Yongsan Funeral Site!

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