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The Glory Episode 12 Recap: First Bully - Kdrama

The Glory Episode 12 Recap: First Bully – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 12 recap: Dong-eun’s end game comes into focus as she sends Jae-jun a troubling package. And sends a gift to Lee Sa-ra.

Dong-eun sends over a file containing photos of schoolgirls’ underskirts. Including one of Ye-sol’s, and claims that Teacher Chu took them. Furious, Jae-jun storms over to Ye-sol’s school and without letting Teacher Chu speak. Jae-jun throws a punch at him repeatedly until loses consciousness.

Jae-jun gets arrested by the police for assault. However, since he’s not the children’s legal guardian, a lawyer seeks Do-young’s assistance to bail him out and to prosecute the person who took the upskirt photos, as the children’s parents.

After getting bailed out, Jae-jun confronts Do-young in front of the police station, shouting at him in anger. He even declares to be Ye-sol’s real father before punching Do-young in the face. But Do-young manages to defend himself by boxing Jae-jun until someone intervenes. Before leaving, Do-young urges Jae-jun to calm down and to never act like that again.

Jung Sung-il and Lim Ji-yeon in The Glory episode 12

When Yeon-jin comes home, she discovers that her daughter is missing and screams at Do-young, demanding to know where Ye-sol is. Trying to remain calm and composed, Do-young stays silent at first, but eventually loses his patience.

“Do you want to know what happened? Your affair showed up at our child’s school and acted like Ye-sol’s father. Do you know how much Ye-sol is suffering because of you? But all you think about is yourself. Remember, Ye-sol is my child, even if we break up!” Do-young storms away furiously, leaving Yeon-jin sobbing on the ground.

The Glory Episode 12 Screenshots

You Shouldn’t have done this

Dong-eun’s mother has been falsely using her daughter’s name to extort money from the parents of other students. The issue escalates when it reaches the Parents Committee.

Dong-eun discovers that the money earned from this scheme is being used to purchase expensive bags and clothes.

In tears, Dong-eun confronts her mother, who tries to act as if nothing is wrong. “At least you shouldn’t have done this. No matter how bad a mother can be. You shouldn’t side with someone who’s destroying her own child’s life. How could you do this to me?” Dong-eun pleads.

Dong Eun then grabs a pair of scissors and cuts the bags and clothes her mother had just bought, still crying uncontrollably. In response, her mother grabs a coat hanger and strikes Dong Eun hard in the face, leaving a deep wound about an inch long with blood slowly trickling from her left cheekbone.

“I will never forgive you. The reason I won’t forgive you is that you still don’t understand that you were my first abuser,” Dong Eun says to her mother with tears in her eyes.

The pain caused by a mother’s actions is one of the most excruciating things in the world. The scars that cut the deepest are the ones caused by a mother’s abuse, as they penetrate the deepest parts of the heart.

Special Gift From Hell

Dong-eun has a surprise for Lee Sa-ra. She buys something special from the drug cartels. Lee Sa-ra is at the height of her addiction and is willing to sacrifice everything for just one more hit.

It’s Sunday and Lee Sa-ra’s father is preaching at the church. The pews are filled with devoted worshippers as usual. But Lee Sa-ra can’t resist the temptation of Dong-eun’s special gift. She takes drugs until she’s completely overwhelmed.

Kim Hi-eora

Lee Sa-ra is high on drugs and no better off than a stray dog on the street. She performs a masturbation gesture with a happy face. The churchgoers take pictures and videos of her as she stumbles around.

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