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The Glory Episode 13 Recap: Thank You Mom - Kdrama

The Glory Episode 13 Recap: Thank You Mom – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 13 recap: Lee Sa-ra faces consequences of her crumbling reputation. Meanwhile, Dong-eun uncovers Yeo-jeong’s hidden pain.

As the video goes viral, Lee Sa-ra is arrested for drug use by the police. Her lawyer advises her that since it’s her first offense, she’s likely to get parole.

Jae-jun decides to cut ties with Yeon-jin and turns to Hye-jeong to become Ye-sol’s stepmother. Hye-jeong jumps at the chance, having always had a crush on Jae-jun since their school days. Most importantly, having Jae-jin is a victory over Yeon-jin.

Meanwhile, Dong-eun finds a stash of letters from the prison to Yeo-jeong in a drawer. She decides to open and read them. The letters contain a chilling narrative from the murderer who killed Yeo-Jeong’s father, describing in detail the various killings committed. “It kills for fun!!!”

Reading these letters helps Dong-eun understand the pain that Yeo-jeong has been carrying. When Yeo-jeong returns home, Dong-eun hugs him, hoping that the embrace will ease his pain.

Meanwhile, the police investigate Yeon-jin in connection with the Myung-oh case, causing her to panic. That night, she meets with Yong-jun, an old corrupt cop. He reveals the shocking truth that Myung-oh’s body has not yet been buried, and demands a large sum of money for a vacation home in Hawaii so that he can retire if Yeon-jin wants him to dispose of the corpse.

However, it seems that it’s already too late for Yeon-jin. The place where the body was stored has already been reserved, and Yeo-jeong has also kept fragments of Yeon-jin’s tissue from the filler injection. The following night, the police are alerted to an unknown body that has been left behind. Is it Myung-oh’s corpse?

I’m Sorry Until the Day I Die

The following day, Dong-eun makes the tough decision to quit school. Before leaving, she approaches Ye-sol and apologizes. But the little girl doesn’t quite understand why her teacher is saying sorry. “I will apologize to you until the day I die. I feel guilty towards you. Goodbye,” Dong-eun says, overcome with remorse.

After her emotional farewell, Dong-eun heads to the rented apartment where her mother lives and asks her to move out since she’s dropping out of school like her mother wanted. But her mother, who’s drunk soju and eating grilled food, refuses to leave. “F–k you, you idiot! You’re kicking your own mother out of the house?” she slurs. She continues to hurl insults at Dong-eun, blaming her for all her problems, “It’s my fault I gave birth to you!”

Suddenly, the sound of a pan being knocked over startles Dong-eun, causing her to fall to the ground. She’s terrified of fire! Her mother sees her daughter collapsed on the floor and bursts into manic laughter. Dong-eun looks up at her mother, her eyes fill with pain, and says, “I will never forgive you. You still don’t know that you were the first one to hurt me.” Her mother continues to cackle as she announces that they’ll die together.

Dong-eun struggles to breathe but musters up the courage to crawl over to her mother’s leg and says, “Thank you, Mom. Nothing’s really changed.” She flashes a triumphant smile, knowing that all the events have been recorded by hidden surveillance cameras.

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