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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 6 Recap: Disgusting - Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 6 Recap: Disgusting – Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 6 recap: Do-gi gets busted by Pro Kang for acting. However, Do-gi manages to win back his trust by acting how desperate he is for a house.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 6 Recap: Disgusting - Kdrama

Pro Kang catches onto the fact that Do-gi and Go-eun aren’t really a married couple. To smooth things over, Do-gi uses his quick thinking to come up with a plan. He decides to show Pro Kang just how much they want a house. So, Do-gi kneels in front of Pro Kang and admits that he and Go-eun are not a couple but colleagues who want to own their own home.

Pro Kang understands Do-gi and Go-eun’s intentions and agrees to help them. He even offers to invest in the registered marriage, giving them the right to buy a luxury home. Pro Kang tells them to contact him to proceed with the necessary documents.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 6 Recap


Pro Kang arrives at an illicit orphanage, which is a small, seedy house without electricity where dozens of children live. As he enters, he scatters sweets and milk, commanding the children to eat only when the permission bell rings. He feeds the children like a dog, and it makes one wonder whether he’s still human.

Pro Kang arranges for Do-gi and Go-eun to meet at an obstetrics and gynecological hospital at night. But when they arrive, they’re surprised to find that the hospital is empty. Pro Kang explains that having a child would make it easier for them to get a home loan. He hands over a birth certificate, leaving Go-eun in shock.

As the truth unfolds, they learn that Pro Kang preys on single mothers who are not ready to raise their child. He convinces them to let him take care of their child and then forges the birth certificate with fake parents’ names. Pro Kang then uses these children as a tool to help married couples get loans to buy expensive houses. However, when the married couples fail to make the payments, he takes possession of the properties, adding to his already extensive collection of luxury condos.

Lee Je-hoon

Do-gi is enraged at the mistreatment of children and instructs Go-eun to investigate Pro Kang’s lowest value property. After diligent investigation, they locate the facility where the children are being held captive. The Rainbow Taxi team proceeds to rescue all the children and ensure their safety.

Lee Je-hoon in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 6

Ever Felt Guilty For a Child?

Pro Kang hastily tries to flee and liquidate his assets, but Kim Do-gi brings him to justice. With a flurry of punches, kicks, and elbows, Do-gi delivers a punishing blow to Pro Kang’s face, leaving him begging for mercy. As Pro Kang lies defeated in a pile of garbage, Do-gi asks him a question that cuts to the heart of the matter: “Have you ever felt guilty for a child?”

Pro Kang’s response is callous and self-serving. He explains that the children in his care were abandoned by their parents and that he was merely taking advantage of them. Pro Kang rationalizes his actions by claiming that he provided them with basic necessities like food and shelter, and that he was helping them by enabling married couples to purchase homes. He shows no remorse for his exploitation of these vulnerable children.

In response, Do-gi climbs onto a nearby crane and dumps a pile of garbage onto Pro Kang’s body, leaving him to wallow in his own filth. It’s a fitting punishment for a man who sees children as nothing more than tools to be used for personal gain.

Shin Jae-ha

New Taxi Driver

After the Rainbow Taxi team has dealt with the bad guys and helped the children. Ha-joon, a new taxi driver, arrives at the garage to pick up his car. He greets Do-gi before driving off, but instead of heading to a destination, he drives to a place where people bow to him. Who is Ha-joon and why are they bowing to him?

Meanwhile, Pro Kang is now a madman sitting in a pile of trash. He is repeatedly claiming to own 30 luxury condos that have all been taken by taxi drivers. He rummages through the garbage heap for food and suddenly. Ha-joon appears before him with a smirk on his face, asking, “Is that a taxi driver?”

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