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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 7 Recap: Paganism - Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 7 Recap: Paganism – Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 7 recap: Rainbow Taxi helps a woman whose sister relies on a cult to cure her terminal illness. The team aims to take down the cult leader and save her.

Ha Joon, a rookie taxi driver, returns to become the leader of a national criminal gang that lost its benefits due to the crackdown by Rainbow Taxi. Ha Joon is involved in illegal activities like online gambling, sending people to code programs in Vietnam, and a real estate business, in which Pro Kang owns the foreground.

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One day, a young woman seeks help from the Rainbow Taxi team for her terminally ill sister. Her sister has been brainwashed by a pagan cult led by a man who calls himself “Father.”

The cult’s teaching is to cut ties with family and follow “Father” to a destination called “Sunbaek Hill.” The cult preys on weak-hearted patients at hospitals and brainwashes them into believing that “Father” has healing powers. The cult leader, Ok Ju-man, has a history of fraud, including Ponzi schemes and embezzlement. His ultimate goal is to build a large church on Sunbaek Hill.

Kim Do-Gi and the Rainbow Taxi team investigate the cult and find out about its dangerous methods. The cult uses morphine-containing water to make disciples believe they are cured of their diseases.

Hospitals and medicine are portrayed as evil, and only “Father” has the power to heal. Go-eun’s investigation reveals Ok Ju-man’s criminal past and his fraudulent intentions.

Do-gi and the team cannot let Ok Ju-man succeed in his plans. They must save the brainwashed disciples and stop the cult from growing.

Note: This episode is inspired by the real-life JMS cult case in Korea.

Lee Je-hoon and Pyo Ye-jin

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