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The Glory Episode 14 Recap: Does Revenge Make You Happy?

The Glory Episode 14 Recap: Does Revenge Make You Happy?

The Glory Episode 14 recap: Yeon-jin panics over Myeong-oh. Dong-eun takes care of a lingering problem. Yeon-jin’s mother schemes to remove a threat.

Dong-eun takes her mother to a psychiatric hospital. She smiles at her mother in gratitude for her consistent behavior, which has made Dong-eun feel no guilt. “I’m able to do this because I’m your daughter,” she says.

Upon learning that Myung-oh’s corpse has disappeared, Yong-jun’s face turns furious. As a lifelong cop, he knows that trouble is coming. He quickly announces the sale of various properties and gathers cash in preparation to flee.

Meanwhile, Yeon-jin’s mother develops a crush on her after being hit by Kang Hyun-nam’s husband. He blackmails Yeon-jin’s mom by claiming Yeon-jin is the murderer of Yoon So-hee and Myung-oh. So Yeon-jin’s mom comes up with a plan to silence him by staging a car crash as an accident.

Feeling desperate, Yeon-jin asks Jae-jun to be her alibi and confirm that she was with him when Myung-oh was murdered. Jae-jun recalls witnessing Yeon-jin in the Yoon So-hee case and agrees.

Jae-jun then takes the Myung-oh case to a lawyer and realizes that Yeon-jin is unlikely to survive this case. He decides to cut ties with her and gives evidence of her wrongdoing to Do-young in an attempt to force him to divorce Yeon-jin.

Suspicious, Do-young meets with Dong-eun to ask about Yoon So-hee. Dong-eun provides some clues for him to investigate and he asks her: “When your revenge is successful, will you be happy?”

Dong Eun replies coldly, “I hope so.”

After consulting with a legal advisor and reviewing the evidence, Do-young decides to cut ties with Yeon-jin as well. He instructs his men to arrange for accommodations in a small town in Ireland where he can send Ye-sol.

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