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The Glory Episode 15 Recap: Ruin - Kdrama

The Glory Episode 15 Recap: Ruin – Kdrama

The Glory Episode 15 recap: Do-yeong issues an ultimatum. Dong-eun demands a piece of evidence be handed over. Yeon-jin attempts to do damage control after old videos appear online.

Do-young presents Yeon-jin with a final offer: apologize to the victim’s relatives and accept the punishment imposed by law or end it all here. Yeon-jin remains arrogant, holding a cigarette in her hand. “Since you met Moon Dong-eun,” she says, “there’s no such thing as us anymore.”

News of Yeon-jin’s breakup with her husband spreads like wildfire on the internet. Lee Sa-ra is beside herself and wants to win back Yeon-jin. She digs up an old cell phone clip from 18 years ago where Yeon-jin can be heard bullying Yoon So-hee and swearing that she wants to kill her. When the clip goes viral, Yeon-jin is pressured to resign as a weather anchor.

Later on, Yeon-jin holds a press conference in front of the nation. She admits to having been a bully during her school days but denies any murder charges. She states that Yoon So-hee committed suicide due to an unwanted pregnancy (which Yeo-jeong later believes was Jae-jun’s child and not Myung-oh’s as Dong-eun had always thought).

The Glory Episode 15 Recap: Ruin - Kdrama


At Myung-oh’s funeral, Lee Sa-ra and Hye-jeong get into an argument. Lee Sa-ra knows the truth: Hye-jeong is a scandalmonger and this causes her to quarrel with Yeon-jin. Then Lee Sa-ra grabs a pencil and stabs into Hye-jeong’s neck. The blood gushes out non-stop.

As a result of her actions, Lee Sa-ra is arrested for assault. Her father, a pastor, is also arrested for tax evasion amounting to tens of millions of won over the past twenty years.

Hye-jeong has been stabbed in the neck and her vocal cords have been damaged. She can no longer speak as she once did.

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