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The Glory Episode 16 Finale Recap: Never Know the Truth

The Glory Episode 16 Finale Recap: Never Know the Truth

The Glory Episode 16 finale recap: As the final pieces of Dong-eun’s revenge plot slot into place, she considers what comes next — and what it will mean for Yeo-jeong.

Following Hye-jeong’s loss of voice, Jae-jun ends their relationship. Dong-eun offers Hye-jung a way to get revenge on Jae-jun. She tells her that Jae-jun has glaucoma and has to instill intraocular pressure every day. Dong-eun hands Hye-jeong a bottle of alcohol, saying, “If the drug is contaminated with alcohol, Jae-jun will become blind forever.”

Hye-jeong leaves the hospital and goes to see Jae-jun, claiming that she needs to collect some things. Meanwhile, she secretly injects alcohol into Jae-jun’s eye drops.

The following day, as Jae-jun was driving, his vision became so blurry that he couldn’t see anything. Just then, a speeding truck collided with his car with great force.

Meanwhile, Yong-jun attempted to flee but was killed by his own subordinates.

Yeon-jin is arrested for Myung-oh’s murder, based on DNA evidence found under Myung-oh’s nails. However, it was later revealed that Yeo-jeong fabricated the evidence. Meanwhile, Yeon-jin’s mother is also arrested for the murder of Kang Hyun-nam’s husband.

While in prison, Dong-eun visits Yeon-jin and tells her, “I’ll make sure you suffer in this hell forever without ever knowing the truth.” These words drive Yeon-jin to the brink of insanity.

What is the Truth?

It is revealed that the true killer of Myung-oh is Kyung-ran, who had been sexually abused by him in high school. After Yeon-jin discovers Myung-oh’s body and freaks out, Kyung-ran emerges from hiding and hits Myung-oh with a bottle of liquor in a fit of resentment.

Meanwhile, Dong-eun seeks revenge by framing Yeon-jin for the murder and causing her to be imprisoned. In prison, Dong-eun taunts Yeon-jin by telling her that she will never know the truth and will be trapped in her own personal hell.

Song Hye-Kyo

After successfully executing his revenge, Dong-eun decides to end her own life by jumping off a building. However, just before she lets herself hit the ground below, Yeo-jeong’s mother appears like a miracle. She asks Dong-eun to live on and help Yeo-jeong escape from the hell created by the beast killer who killed his father.

In the End

The story had a series of tragic events:

  1. The class teacher was killed by his own son.
  2. Myung-oh’s death was a tragedy.
  3. Yong-jun was killed by his subordinates.
  4. Lee Sa-ra was arrested for assaulting Hye-jeong, while her father was arrested for tax evasion.
  5. Hye-jeong suffered hearing impairment.
  6. Jae-jun was blinded and fell off a building, ultimately leading to his death.
  7. Yeon-jin lost her mind in prison for the murder of Myung-oh, while her mother was arrested for husband Kang Hyeon-nam’s murder.
  8. Yoon So-hee’s case couldn’t convict anyone due to the lack of evidence, and her unborn child was the result of sexual abuse by Jae-jun.
  9. The true murderer of Myung-oh was not Yeon-jin, but Kyung-ran, who had been bullied, just like Dong-eun.
Lim Ji-yeon in The Glory Episode 16 Finale

Six months later…

Do-young hands Yeon-jin divorce papers as he and Ye-sol have happily relocated to England, leaving their problems in Korea behind. However, Yeon-jin has lost her sanity and reports the weather to fellow prisoners in the dormitory, tears streaming down her face after each report.

Lee Do-Hyun kisses Song Hye-Kyo in The Glory Episode 16 Finale

Meanwhile, Dong-eun reunites with Yeo-jeong and secretly plots her revenge against Yeo-jeong. “I will be your executioner now. I’ll make the moves for you,” Dong-eun declares before kissing Yeo-jeong.

The scene then shifts to the prison, where Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong enter as officers and volunteer doctors. The psychopathic killer who murdered Yeo-jung’s father looks on with fear as the two women begin a new cycle of revenge.

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