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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 Recap: Nightmare - Kdrama

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 Recap: Nightmare – Kdrama

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 recap: Ae-ran approaches Sung-han for his services. Seo-jin attempts to settle on her next steps post-divorce. Later, Sung-han suffers from visions of the past.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 Recap: Nightmare - Kdrama

Park Ae-ran had been working as a cleaner in the building where Sung-han Law Firm is located for over two years. Today, she seeks divorce counseling and wants a share of the property, which happens to be the building where she works. However, there’s a problem – the building is owned by her oppressive mother-in-law, who has been tormenting her for over two decades. Despite enduring this for so long, Park Ae-ran finally snapped a few days ago and slapped her mother-in-law in the face after the latter said hurtful things to her daughter.

Upon hearing the story of housekeeper Park Ae-ran, Sung-han initially considers denying her request to claim a share of the property, as he often opts for cases with a high likelihood of success. However, considering that Ae-ran has been the building’s housekeeper for over two years, Sung-han decides to investigate further with the help of his friends.

After conducting the investigation, Sung-han discovers that Park Ae-ran’s mother-in-law dominates and acts stubbornly, always insisting on being right in every situation. In contrast, Ae-ran is described as a hardworking and diligent worker who tirelessly works from dawn until night.

After hearing more from Park Ae-ran, Sung-han learns that her husband was the one who originally purchased the building. However, he began to struggle financially and decided to transfer ownership to his mother. There are certificates and audio recordings that prove he was the true owner. Despite her husband’s financial troubles, the building remains in the mother-in-law’s name to this day.

Han Hye-jin and Cho Seung-woo

As Seo-jin visits Sung-han’s office, she expresses her desire to apply for a job regardless of salary. She explains that she needs a full-time job to comply with the court orders for child custody. However, Sung-han can only laugh in denial as the three existing employees are still idle. “As you can see, our office isn’t that busy,” he says.

Seo-jin smiles softly at Sung-han and proceeds to fix the jammed door rail. The door had been broken for a long time, but Seo-jin’s skilled hands restored it to good working order. “Let me help with trivial tasks like this,” she says.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3

The same night, Sung-han wakes up in the middle of the night after having a dream about his deceased sister. He cries out and curls up, clenching his hands tightly around the blanket.

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