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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 Recap: New Employee - Kdrama

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 Recap: New Employee – Kdrama

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 recap: Sung-han decides to hire Seo-jin as another employee. Sung-han convinces Park Ae-ran to sue her mother-in-law for defamation.

Seo-jin pays another visit to Sung-han’s office to apologize for her previous request to work, acknowledging that it was inappropriate. However, due to the stress of her job search, Sung-han ultimately decides to offer Seo-jin a job.

Sung-han arranges a meeting with Park Ae-ran to discuss the case. He informs her of his plan to file a lawsuit against her mother-in-law for defamation. Sung-han stresses the importance of Ae-ran denying ever hitting her mother-in-law. He then presents his fabricated story, stating that the mother-in-law had pushed Ae-ran, causing her to fall backward. However, rumors are spreading that Ae-ran had hit her mother-in-law, leading them to sue for defamation.

Ae-ran is taken aback by Sung-han’s lie, but he reminds her that her mother-in-law’s false claim of owning the building was also a lie. Upon hearing this, Ae-ran agrees to go along with Sung-han’s plan.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 Recap

In the divorce mediation room, as negotiations continue, Park Ae-ran suddenly feels guilty for lying and confesses that she actually beat her mother-in-law, due to being persecuted for twenty years. Sung-han takes that moment to bring up the building that her husband temporarily transferred to his mother. When Park Ae-ran’s husband hears this, he feels pity for his wife, who has been consistently working hard for twenty years. He presents evidence proving that the building is actually his.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 4 Recap Kdrama screenshots

In the end, the story has a happy ending. The husband feels guilty, and the mother-in-law, upon learning the truth, also feels guilty. She bursts into tears and thanks Park Ae-ran for all the times she had warm meals, thanks to her. Park Ae-ran kneels down in front of her mother-in-law and apologizes for her past behavior.

The story of Park Ae-ran’s family ends on a positive note, and she understands the reason Sung-han made her lie.

Cho Seung-woo

The Clip

Back at the office, Sung-han decides to expand the consultation room to create a new office. Seo-jin suggests that she filters clients before they reach Sung-han to increase his chances of winning cases and attract more clients. She also advises him to hire more lawyers, but Sung-han disagrees.

Soon after, lawyer Choi-joon, who had represented Park Ae-ran’s husband, resigned from a national law firm to apply for a position at Sung-han Law Firm. Sung-han declines his application, citing a lack of cases to justify hiring more lawyers.

However, Choi-joon reveals that he owns the YouTube channel where clips of Sung-han playing the piano were posted. Upon hearing this, Sung-han lunges at Choi-joon and grabs him by the collar. His hand is poised to strike, and Choi-joon’s eyes widen in shock.

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