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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 Recap: A Complicated Case

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 Recap: The Awkward Case

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 recap: A new lawyer becomes a nuisance for Sung-han. And he is facing a difficult decision to accept a case.

Sung-han furiously shakes his head at Choi-joon. The latter had secretly filmed Sung-han playing the piano without permission and then posted the clip online. However, after some negotiation, Sung-han reluctantly agrees to hire Choi-joon in exchange for the clip’s deletion.

Han Hye-jin and Cho Seung-woo

Sung-han decides to appoint Seo-jin as the chief adviser due to her past experience as a well-known DJ. He believes that her skills in listening will be beneficial in the role.

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Awkward Case

Afterward A customer seeks advice from Sung-han regarding a delicate situation. The customer is a mistress involved with a retired man who wants to divorce his legal wife. The mistress claims that the man is suffering from liver cancer and requires a transplant, which she is willing to donate. However, the law stipulates that the donor and recipient must be married, which they are not. The legal wife is refusing to divorce the man, as she hopes to receive a substantial life insurance payout upon his death.

Sung-han remains undecided about whether to accept the case or not, due to the fact that both parties are adulterers. He recognizes that this would make it challenging to win the case in court.

Cho Seung-woo in Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 Kdrama screenshots

While Sung-han is contemplating whether to take on the previous case, the 15-year-old boy interrupts him and requests a meeting. The boy implores Sung-han to help him get his father a liver transplant, as he has studied the law and knows that sons aged 15 and over can donate organs to their fathers.

After careful consideration, Sung-han decides to take on the case. He meets with the retired man and advises him on the course of action. “I had to think long and hard about whether to accept this case. But now that we’re starting, we need to win. Sung-han instructs the retired man to take two crucial steps: cancel all cancer insurance policies and prepare to break the law.”

Photos : JTBC Korea
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