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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Recap: When the Past Creeps In

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Recap: When the Past Creeps In

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 recap: Sung-han is feeling anxious after being visited by an old acquaintance. It seems like no matter how hard he tries to avoid it, the encounter is inevitable.

Cho Seung Woo

In the morning, Sung-han visits his sister’s grave to honor her on her birthday. He stands alone in front of the grave, expressing his thoughts as if he wants his words to reach his deceased sister.

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Later, an uninvited guest, Ma Geum-hee, the ex-mother-in-law of Sung-han’s sister’s former husband who has just returned from America, comes to Sung-han’s office to ask about the burial place of Sung-han’s sister, intending to pay her respects. However, Sung-han refuses and abruptly asks Ma Geum-hee to leave before he loses his patience.

In response, Ma Geum-hee tells Sung-han, “I have warned you before. If you choose to do the right thing, you will encounter endless troubles.”

In the divorce mediation room, the wife suddenly agrees to divorce the retired man. She doesn’t want her 15-year-old son to donate his liver to his father and holds the marriage certificate because there is no financial benefit from life insurance. Additionally, she succumbs to the recorded voice call of her wanting to exceed the insurance. The retired man faces a violation of personal information by taking an audio clip of his wife to reveal without her consent.

Finally, the story ends with another happy ending.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Screenshots

Later, a client from the rural provinces comes to discuss the case with Sung-han. After talking for a while, Sung-han questions why the man had to come to see him when there are many good lawyers nearby. The man hands Sung-han a business card and says that the owner of the card recommended him to come.

Sung-han looks at the business card with an anxious expression, “Jin Young-joo, Public Relations Director, Geum Hwa Law Firm.”

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