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Our Blooming Youth Episode 10 Recap: The Case Ten Years Ago

Our Blooming Youth Episode 10 Recap: The Case Ten Years Ago

Our Blooming Youth Episode 10 recap: Thanks to Jae-yi, the Crown Prince opens his heart and becomes friends with Sung-eon again and they become even closer.

Seon So-nee and Park Hyung-sik

After resolving things with Han Sung-eon, the Crown Prince spends a relaxing evening drinking with Jae-yi. She admits that her supposed love for Han Sung-eon was just a decision she made and not her true feelings. She advises the Crown Prince to do the same since he will soon have to marry as well.

Park Hyung-sik in Our Blooming Youth Ep 10 Kdrama

The following day, the Crown Prince accuses the Right State Councilor, Cho Won-bo, of being behind the plum tree arson. But Cho Won-bo meets with the king and argues that it is not appropriate for the Crown Prince to interfere in political matters. This angers the Crown Prince and he asks the king to severely punish Cho Won-bo. However, the king sides with Cho Won-bo due to his power and influence.

In the Throne Hall, the Left State Councilor tries to persuade the king to reopen a case from ten years ago, where Cho Won-bo suppressed a crime boss who was planning a rebellion. Cho Won-bo retorts by saying that it was the Crown Prince who ordered him to suppress the bandits.

The Case of the Rebellion

The Crown Prince and Jae-yi review the official memo detailing the suppression of the Sung rebellion from ten years ago. It describes a group of young thieves led by a blacksmith named Sung who caused chaos in Byukcheon, assaulting soldiers and officers and committing armed robbery. They also molested women and killed those who opposed them.

When His Highness learned of the rebellion, he ordered Cho Won-bo, who was then the Chief of Defense Department, to investigate the situation. If the reports were accurate, His Highness granted Cho Won-bo the power to suppress the bandits. One month later, Sung was caught and hanged on His Highness’s orders. Cho Won-bo received many merits for his role in suppressing the rebellion.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 10 Kdrama Screenshots

That night, Prince Myung-an had a nightmare about Sung. and Her Majesty came to console him. Her Majesty then goes to comfort him and states, “Sung is a gentle soul. He would never harm a child, and he is not the mastermind behind the thefts. I am certain of it.”

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