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Our Blooming Youth Episode 9 Recap: Trust - Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9 Recap: Trust – Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9 recap: The palace and the capital is in chaos after the curse. Cho Won-bo turns the crisis into an opportunity and starts to pressure the royal family.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9 Kdrama screenshots

A man in black attacks Jae-yi, but Ga-ram and Myung-jin save her just in time. However, the man in black manages to escape.

Lightning strikes the Royal Palace, throwing it into chaos as the plum tree, which represents the Lee family, catches fire. The news spreads quickly throughout the capital and rumors of a ghostly curse begin to circulate among the villagers.

Rallying the lords under his mandate, Cho Won-bo, the Right State Councilor, exerts his power and pressures His Highness into performing the Kam-son ceremony, a form of food restriction that is a grave disrespect to the king, until it is proven that the incident was not caused by supernatural forces.

Jeon So-nee

When summoned by the Crown Prince to discuss the plum tree fire. Jae-yi is confident that it was caused by human hands rather than supernatural forces. She conducts a thorough investigation and eventually uncovers evidence that matches the three materials found at the site of the fire with those provided by Left State Councilor Han Sung-eon’s father – beeswax, saltpeter, and sulfur.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9 Kdrama screenshots

Upon inspecting the storage room in the Left State Councilor’s house, the Crown Prince found that the three materials were stored in good condition, thus ruling the Left State Councilor as not guilty.

In the end, the Crown Prince tells Han Seong-eon that if he wants to be his companion, he needs to trust him.

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