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Our Blooming Youth Episode 11 Recap: Quarantine - Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 11 Recap: Impossible to Believe

Our Blooming Youth Episode 11 recap: After finding the royal secretary’s journal suspicious. The Crown Prince starts investigating what happened in Byukcheon.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 11 Recap: Quarantine - Kdrama

Upon receiving a threatening letter on red paper. Cho Won-bo, the Right State Councilor, immediately recognizes it as a message from the remaining Byukcheon Bandits.

Joen So-nee and Paek Hyung-sik

The Crown Prince points out to Jae-yi that there are some peculiarities in the Royal Secretary’s record of the Byukcheon Rebellion case, particularly the absence of detailed investigation records. He notes that the severity of the case demands more detailed investigative steps than ordinary cases, yet there are none specified.

Furthermore, the crime boss named “Sung”, a blacksmith in Byukcheon, led a group of over 40 thieves to occupy the official office there. Initially, the bandits consisted of only 40 people, but they were suppressed. The bandits were able to recapture five more villages and attempted to establish themselves as independent from Joseon. This resulted in every villager in Byukcheon becoming one of the bandits and joining Sung’s rebellion. The Crown Prince considers this almost impossible to believe.

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Later, Cho Won-bo meets with His Highness to ask for a royal command prohibiting anyone from Byukcheon from serving in the imperial court. He believes that the Byukcheons lurking in the royal palace caused the chaos.

Then, The royal decree expels many eunuchs and maids of honor from the royal palace. Including those who have worked there for over thirty years.

Later, The Crown Prince sees the order to evict those courtiers and knows that it is unfair. He requests that His Highness revoke the royal command, hoping for a change of heart. But His Highness becomes extremely angry and questions the Crown Prince’s loyalty. “Are you saying that everything I did was a mistake? How could the Crown Prince of Joseon protect the rebels?”

Jeon So-nee and Park Hyung-sik in Our Blooming Youth Episode 11

As a result, His Highness orders the Crown Prince to be confined to the East Palace. A month passes and the Crown Prince feels defeated. He sheds tears in front of Jae-yi, confessing that he no longer feels worthy of the throne as he can’t do anything to change the situation.

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