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Our Blooming Youth Episode 12 Recap: Flashback Memories

Our Blooming Youth Episode 12 Recap: Flashback Memories

Our Blooming Youth Episode 12 recap: At last, His Majesty revokes the Crown Prince’s confinement order. Jae-yi recalls that Tae-kang was the one who delivered the message to her house that day.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 12 Recap: Flashback Memories

Her Majesty meets with His Highness to request the release of the Crown Prince from detention. The story reaches Cho Won-bo, who becomes dissatisfied with the Queen and demands a meeting. He violently overturns the table and strangles the Queen, shouting that she owes her position to him and the Cho family. Cho Won-bo aims to push Prince Myung-an to the throne.

After Cho Won-bo left, the Queen slowly lifted herself up, grabbing a shattered tile the size of a coin in her right hand. Her hand trembled with anger as she clutched the tile, and crimson blood flowed out steadily.

How much anger must we endure before we can release it through our own blood and pain?

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A large group of Confucian scholars gathered outside the palace demanding that His Highness lift the detention order for the Crown Prince. Eventually, he yielded to their demands.

Park Hyung-sik, Lee Tae-sun and Pyo Ye-jin

Disguised as Pandit Park, the Crown Prince met with Myung-jin and Ga-ram and learned that Myung-jin was the mastermind behind them.

Our Blooming Youth Ep 12 Kdrama Screenshots

Don’t Trust

That same night, Jae-yi ponders a mysterious tragedy that had befallen her family. As she thinks of dried peony petals and other strange and unnatural occurrences, her memory suddenly returns. She remembers who had delivered the message to her house that day: Tae-kang, the Royal Guard whom the Crown Prince trusts the most.

Jae-yi rushes to see the Crown Prince and finds Tae-kang with him. She grabs a sword and points it at Tae-kang’s neck, warning the Crown Prince not to trust him. The Crown Prince looks confused and uncomfortable, not understanding Jae-yi’s sudden outburst. But Jae-yi insists, “He’s the messenger who came to my house.”

However, with vastly superior fighting skills, Tae-kang quickly disarms Jae-yi and knocks her to the ground with a palm strike. He then holds the sword to her throat and coldly asks the Crown Prince for permission to kill her.

“May I kill her, Your Highness?”

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